Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Katie....

I did a funny on myself today.  I was at the gym before group class started and I decided it would be a good idea to get on the scale and have a lookie at how these food changes have panned out on the scale.  So I get on the old school, Dr. like scale where you slide the weights across type of scale.  I no longer have to swing the old 200 pounder over first!  So I thought I had swung the 150 over (nope it was the 250) So I then swing the small weight all the way over to end and no movement, good....I start clicking back and what's this still no movement?  I click back one more...and in my mind I am thinking...."Holy Crap I rock...I am a lean green smoothie drinking, berry eating, machine!" I click back eyes are going wide..."Damn I am really kicking ass here".  Then I realize my mistake. LOL.  Talk about downer!  I think its hilarious though how my inner dialogue went and even though I hadn't lost 7 pounds like I thought I did, I still felt pretty awesome (2 pounds is still awesome in my book).

I am feeling really good.  My morning breakfast routine has given me more energy in my workouts.  I no longer leave the gym in the morning feeling ravenous and stuffing almonds down the shoot like a mad woman.  I am snacking less in the afternoon too.  I still had a chocolate fix this week but I got a small LINDT dark chocolate bar and savoured it, instead of mindlessly inhaling a bag of MM's.

Today I did a pump class after a 6 month or so hiatus and I have to say I was really proud of how far I have come strength wise.   It felt good to see that what I am doing on my own is working.  I was able to do the push ups from my toes, do all the dips, and lift more weight in the chest, biceps and shoulder tracks than before.  I went easy on the squats and lunges not wanting to hurt my knee since its been weird.  And I still had trouble in the triceps track with the bar because of my elbow so I modified it a bit.  I truly felt much stronger than ever before.  I also really loved doing the class, and realized how much I miss working out in the group exercise form.  So I think Pump will get mixed into my routine more often.

Today is the first evening of our 2 week family vacation.  Ryan is BBQing some delicious chicken kabobs with my favorite Harloom cheese on it.  I have a lovely angel food, berries, and whip cream dessert ready.  Oh did I mention I also have some nice spicy Caesars mixed?  Tomorrow we are spending Canada Day with our good friends and Ryan is making is famous ribs....I think PUMP will definitely be needed next week :) LOL

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