Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am not in this alone

Well now that I have come down from my sweat induced slightly dehydrated high that led me to my silly video, I feel a strong need to stress something.  I still think the scale is shit! I really do believe that we are all so much more than the number on that scale.  I think I posted awhile ago that there would come a time when the number on the scale would thrill me and I would be tempted to fall into its trap.  I just want you to know that I am not fooled or lured by its red dress.  Today was a big deal for me, in the grand scheme of things getting under 200 pounds signified a lot of meaningful things for me.  It was about more than the number.
Now let me tell you, while I taped that happy little outburst my 5 year old daughter was watching me and after I hit the stop recording button I cringed inside.  Throughout this entire journey I have not talked about weight in front of the kids.  We talk about Mommy and Daddy exercising to be strong and healthy.  We talk about our whole family getting our exercise and eating healthy food that will give us energy and help us grow.  We don't talk about being FAT or WEIGHT.  So when I said those words about loosing weight and how much I weigh I prayed that they went over her head.  I read this great post on raising young girls and protecting them from eating disorders the other day  and lets just say it hit home!  I think today I realized that this 'journey' of mine is not mine alone and I am starting the first 'leg' of the girls too.    I had better start them off strong.


  1. Bravo Katie, you are way too smart girl!

  2. Congrats!! :) I love the approach you're taking with you kids, too - it's so important for kids to not even think about weight...I hear kids talking about it, now, and always think 'it never even crossed my mind!' - and that's how it should be. It's all about how you feel, definitely not about the number. :)