Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Family Race Day

Today the girls, Ryan and I joined in on the Rogers House Walk/Roll/and Run.  Ryan came up with the idea for Father's day a couple weeks ago and I thought it would be really fun to do something like this as a family.  Kudos to Ryan for picking this instead of a day of golf to himself (I think I spent Mother's Day scrapbooking LOL).  The 'event' we participated in was a 2km walk/run/roll.  We debated a bit on how to best do it with the kids.  We knew Kayleigh would do fine on her bike, but we were unsure if Kasey would make it for the full 2km.  We decided to bring the wagon too and when Kasey needed the break she could ride in it while one of us (umm Ryan) carried her bike.  At first we thought we would stay together but Kasey is pretty slow and we wanted Kayleigh to really get a chance to experience the thrill of really riding her bike in the race so we split up.  I went with Kay and Ryan with Kasey.  I can't tell you how much fun I had, and how proud I was of Kayleigh.  She was really careful and listened as we got through the initial crowd (it was a slow crowd for the most part lots of kids, walkers, and strollers)  and once we were up with the quicker moving body she just went for it!  I wasn't expecting her to be so fast and I had to run full tilt at times instead of the lazy jog I was expecting.  I cheered her on, whooping and yelling and I had the goosebumps and tears when we crossed the finish line.  She was so happy and so proud of herself.  I love that she got a taste of the 'thrill' today :)  Then we waited for Kasey while cheering on the other participants, I love the shot I got when we spotted Kasey coming in.  Oh my goodness Kasey looked looked so cute, peddling her little tricycle as fast as she could, she was trying so hard, and soo proud of herself as well.  I was a BEAMING MAMA today.  I love that the girls put their best effort in, that they pushed themselves a little harder than usual today, that they celebrated not winning but playing.  Kayleigh's exact words today "Mom its not winning that's fun, its riding your bike!" I love that we did something active as a family today.  Most of all I am so grateful for my healthy children that could ride their bikes today.  There were a lot of reminders today of how blessed we are, so many people wearing memorial shirts of little angels that have gone to heaven.  Thank-you God for a beautiful day with my loved ones.

Sporting our new tees
fueling up with timbits :)
Kasey warming up 
Me and my silly monkeys
Just some cuteness, even a helmet can't contain these curls
Switched into the company tee :) Black is more flattering anyway, distracts from the unwashed hair and giant zit
Waiting for the GO
Almost time...
And she's off...

breaking from the pack...
I took this of the two of right after we crossed the finish line, I was HOT and SWEATY LOL 
A nice man took this pic of us, I am beaming so bright inside!
Kasey going into high gear and Kay picking a wedge
She's almost at the finish line, look at how PROUD of herself she is :)
Here's she goes, ready to cross....
One of the best moments we have shared!
My very favorite people in the whole wide world!!!!
and of course Hot Dogs after...oh yeah :) 


  1. Awesome! What a great accomplishment as a family. You guys rock!

  2. Awesome! What a great way to set an example for your girls! WTG Katie!