Monday, June 6, 2011

104 days till....

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104 days till the Army Run Half Marathon! I write that my heart is beating a little faster.  I have been training, running 3 times a week pretty consistently.   I run 8, 10, 12 KM regularly and have done one run at a distance of 15km.  I think I have built up my endurance at a good pace and am ready to get a little more serious or rather specific in my training.  I have been looking online at various training programs, and am down right confused by them.  The short forms and types of runs overwhelm me.  I also don't know where to start.  Most of the training programs have you starting logging distance that is less than I am used too...and yet I wonder if I start or stay where I am will I burn out?  I should invest in a running room clinic but frankly I don't want to spend the money having spent so much on other things of late.  So I am thinking I will loosely follow this program I found and over all train like I do most things KATIE STYLE, BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS!  
I have made some good gains of late.  My knees used to hurt after 10km and they don't anymore on my 12km runs.  I used to run the last 2km at a very slow pace taking it easy on my knees and now I can run the last 2 hard without pain.  I wonder if strength training has helped with that.  My 5km runs are faster now too.  Last week I dialed the distance and intensity back due to chest cold and I think that was smart not only because of the cold but to rest.  I think adding some easy weeks in will be a good training strategy.  Overall my plan is to slowly increase the end of the week long slow run, to rest the day before the long run, to keep doing some speed and hill work, keep strength training, and add some cross training in like spin.  Sounds like a plan to me.
My biggest fear right now is not my ability to run the race, I know I can do that, might take me a really long time but I will do it.  My fear is after the race?  I have made so many gains in the last year and I have a tendency of self sabotaging myself.  I don't want to loose this 'feeling' I have right now.  I guess what I am saying is I am afraid of the 'honeymoon' ending.  I think the key is not to take the journey I have been on for granted.
So I leave you with these :)


  1. keep kicking ass my rock!

  2. ohmygosh. you're so inspiring. I've always wanted to try running and never, ever had the guts to just do it!!! Go you!!!!!