Monday, May 23, 2011

She wears short shorts...

Ok maybe not short shorts, but she does wear SHORTS!  I daringly picked up a pair of shorts from Joe while doing a grocery grab and dash after the gym Saturday.  I think I was feeling more confident than usual after a particularly good run.  I have not worn shorts in over 10 years! I have spent the hot summers in capris (which rock since you only have to worry about shaving your legs up to mid calf).  I took the shorts home held my breath and put them on, and you know what they felt good.  I found myself almost prancing around in them during the day, marveling at the feel of the sun on my leg while playing in the park.  I also marveled at how sexy my mid calf shaving job looked! OOPS.  Guess a trip  to Shoppers for some shaving cream is in order.

1 comment:

  1. bahahahhahah!!! the half it!!! Good for you in your shorts!!!