Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Needing the Music to Move Me

My Ipod kicked the bucket at the end of our 15km run Saturday, I guess she just didn't have it in her.  So Monday when I hit the gym planning on a 10km run I just didn't have it in me to run that far without music and opted for a fast, flat 5km.  Tuesday I went to spin class where the MUSIC takes me back to clubbing days (not that I had many as a nerdy kid).  Today I really really wanted to get that 10km in, but I still without music (its ordered and on its way).  I got on the treadmill and thought well we will go for an easy 10km today, not pushing the pace.  I couldn't have pushed it if I tried, I felt like I weighed a zillion pounds (funny because I snuck on the scale in a weak moment and have lost 6 pounds), my legs were tight and heavy.  I wasn't in any pain, just felt like a rusty old machine.  I didn't feel at all like the strong powerful body I am used to.  It sucked.  The lack of music to carry me through this hump really sucked.  It took all my mental power to stay on that treadmill and keep my feet moving.  Even then I only did 6.5km a far cry from the 10 I was aiming for.  So is it the lack of music?  Maybe.  Perhaps I need a little rest?  One thing I know for sure I need my Greenday and Lady GaGa back in my cheering corner pronto!

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  1. I am terrified to try running without music. Even when I run with others I have one ear bud in. It drowns out my feet and gasping for breath ;)