Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Fit Anniversary

This is me just over a year ago.  I am really really happy in this picture because I am at a class with Tim Holtz (for the non scrapbookers he's like Brad Pitt LOL).  I am a size 22 in this picture.  What you can't tell from this picture is that the change had already started within.  I am really really close here to having that first 'click'.  I am smiling in this picture even though I have peed with high hopes on yet another pregnancy test stick, only to find one line.  I am smiling in this picture even though I agonized over what to wear to this event, and how to make myself look 'pretty' when I don't feel pretty.  I am smiling in this picture even though my back hurt from sitting all day in the class.  I am smiling in this picture even though my jeans are cutting into my belly and will leave a red welt later on.  Quietly there is a war going on and I am about to win the first battle!

One year ago this was me taking a pic of myself heading to the gym.  I am sporting a new workout top from Addition Elle, so very happy to have found a fitness top that fit and didn't look like a pj top! I remember being so frustrated with workout clothes for plus sizes, they all looked like PJ's.  Yes Mr. Addition Elle plus size girls do get off the couch and exercise!  I remember my biggest frustration here was that I had begun exercising and feeling really good about myself.  I was amazed at how quick the fitness came back to me.  Then I would look in the mirror and see that fat girl staring back at me with her bloated face, and swollen body and think that's not how I feel?  In those first 4 months or so I really felt like an athlete hiding in a fat body.   It was frustrating to look at myself as a whole, so I looked at the parts.  I admired the muscle emerging from my arm as I reached for my coffee cup of all things.  YES I DID! LOL.  I admired my calf muscles as they became more shapely.  I ignored my pouch like a frenemy. Slowly but surely things were changing, and not just my body, but my life!  I feel HOPEFUL.

This is me today one whole year later.  This is me holding my shoulders back and standing tall with confidence.  I feel good (except for the days when I overdue it and yelp when I have to sit down on the potty LOL).  I not only feel hopeful, but I feel as though anything is a possibility if I try hard enough.  I feel the winds of change breezing in again.  I want to help inspire and motivate other women to take those first few brave steps.  I want to help them take that step again and again until it becomes a slow canter and then a confident gallop.  


  1. Look at how firm you are Katie!, you look marvelous and I am so proud of you, you are a real inspiration to all people out there, even myself !

    Your so darn cute I could just give you a big squeezy hug :)

  2. wow! look at that transformation. You look great!


  3. LOVE YOU! HAPPY FITAVERSERY! So many ways I am proud of you .... so many ways to be inspired!


  4. so proud of you. thanks for the inspiration and motivation. congrats on your success.

  5. Oh my God! You look amazing. Wow! Congrats Katie on your milestone. Sorry it's a bit late but keep doing whatever you're doing. It's truly paying off babe!