Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting it right

Its been 2 months since that fated day when I stood on the body fat scale and saw that I was at a body fat percentage of 44%.  Since then I have added strength training into my routine 2 days a week.  I keep tweaking my strength training as I learn more about it and what I should be doing.  Well today I got on the scale at the gym after a long break from it, and HOLY WOZERS this strength training is working. I have lost 10 pounds!  Even better than that 2 weeks ago I used the body fat scale again during my PT class and I had lost 3% body fat.  I think I am figuring things out, and getting it RIGHT. I really feel the need to tell you that I have done all that while EATING.  This past long weekend I indulged in a bucket of margaritas, pie two days in a row, cake, and a full rack of Ryan's famous ribs.  Most of the time I make healthy choices about what I eat, but I have not held back on enjoying my favorite things.  I have to say that is key for me, as I can not imagine life without chocolate, and its truly kept me from falling into the dark mind set.

I am really enjoying the strength training because you can see results.  2 weeks ago I could not do a single from toes push up.  Today I did 3 sets of 12 (with about 50% range of motion but I will get to 100%!).  Believe it or not I was more excited about the push ups than the 10 pounds LOL !  I was pretty embarrassed  during the PT class when I was the only one that could not do a push up from their toes (yikes).

Next up 20 pushups all the way down and all the way up in perfect form!  I can do it!!!

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  1. You f$#@%n' rock! Soo inspiring and amazing! I'm so happy that you're reaching awesome goals.