Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fittiversary: Have you met my friend Michelle

Over the last year I haven’t been the only one making big changes and taking brave steps toward doing things they never imagined possible.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a little about a friend of mine who started running in the last year and is running her first 10km race this month. 
I met Michelle years and years ago scrapbooking and she just had this super upbeat, funny, comical, tell it like is personality that you can only imagine I loved!   Fast forward to years later where we haven’t seen or heard from one another and thanks to the world of the internet we reconnect and realize that we are both overweight, scrapbooking Mom’s embarking on a journey that will change our lives.   I have received some of the most encouraging and supportive messages from this wonderful woman over this past year and I want all of you to get to know her and to be inspired!

So here’s a little Q&A with Michelle:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What you do, hobbies, kids, etc.

Well I am 41 yrs old OMG. I am the mother to 2 beautiful and energetic boys, Zackari 10 and Maxim 5. I am married to an amazing guy Ivan

Tell us a little about you’re past working out/weight loss/get healthy endeavours?  Many of us have a few false starts before we get the 'click'.

Well I have tried so many things in the past. The most "successful" was the famous Atkins diet. Lost 40 pounds like in 3 months but the minute I started eating bread and pasta again well you know.............

Do you feel like you have gotten the 'click'?  If so what is different this time around? If not, what do you think you 'need' to get there?

YES I got the "click" on the day of my 40th birthday last year. I heard about this "click" thing and wondered when it would happen to me. Well I was getting ready for my surprise Birthday LOL, and I had just finished putting on my make-up. I was looking in the mirror and I thought I looked  "good". Now for you guys that don't know me I NEVER think I look good. But as I looked closer I found I looked swollen. I'm like what's wrong with my face ?  Then it hit me. I DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THIS. No one is forcing me to eat and look like this. I HAVE control over this.

Tell us a bit about how your current workout regime started? What prompted you too make those first steps towards getting fit? 

So the night of my 40th birthday party my cousin came down and I was looking at her and she looked AMAZING! I said to her "What have you been doing? You look great." She told me she had started jogging and the weight just fell off. Well I  said I cannot do that. Then the following week I thought well I could try I guess. So I started walking more then jogging then it happened.............. I fell in love with jogging.

Tell us about your current workout regime?

Well right now I am training for a 10 kms race. WOW never thought I would say that in my Life never. LOL So I finish work at 1:00pm so I go running right after that and before the kids come home from school.

When and how did you decide to RUN? Tell us how that came about? Did you run in the past?  

No I did not run in the past. I started running last May then in the fall decided to buy an elliptical machine and I did that all winter. I am too scared to run in the winter and hurt myself. I now love both. I think it is good to do more than one thing.

Tell us about when you first 'felt like a runner' and you are a RUNNER, anyone who decides to spend New Years Eve participating in a 5km race in the Canadian Winter is a RUNNER!

 I sure felt like a runner that night and the day last week where we had high winds. LOL

Tell us about your training?  Did you go to a clinic?  Have you taught yourself so to speak?  Where do you run?  What's on your playlist?  Do you have a power song?  Do you run in a group or with others? 

I wanted to join the running room but my schedule and my husband's job did not allow me to. So I said I would just do it y myself. I started slow with walking the jogging. Now I jog and run most of the time. I run in Orleans near my house. I have mapped a route out and I just keep adding to the route and it adds the kms as I go . I love it. My playlist well  it ranges from Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Taoi Cruz, Katy Perry the Black Eyed Peas, Usher. I like all the new upbeat songs. I swear those songs are what keeps me going. My power song right now is Rianna's S & M song. I know dirty girl >LOL I like to run by myself so far. Until I am a fit runner I would like it to stay that way.

How do you feel after your workout?  If you could bottle up that feeling and sell it how would you market it?  

I feel Like a million bucks. I am SO PROUD of myself.

Tell us about your longest run, your fastest run, your most fun run?  What are you most proud of?  How did it feel when you crossed that finish line New Year's Eve? 

My longest, fastest, and most fun run was on my Birthday this Year which was also Mother's Day. My husband had planned a big breakfast and I looked at him and told him I was going running he looked at me and then paused...he understood. I had to prove to myself that I could do a 10 kms. So on my run I saw an older lady in her 70's running and behind her was her husband on a bicycle watching her and carrying a packsack. I though that was the sweetest thing. Then I saw 8 women running right passed me all dressed in pink. It looked to me like mother's and daughter's. That made me smile. Then OMG THE RUNNERS, you know the real ones with tight butts and serious look on their face they were coming towards me. I thought I was going to die. LOL Well I got 2 smiles. And that made me happy. It was a really emotional run for me. I was happy, sad, crying and laughing. A real nut case I tell you. Well I did really good time and I was shocked and impressed with myself. I really kicked butt. On New Year's Eve I felt in Awe and in disbelief that I did it. truly amazing !

Tell us more about how 'healthy living' has changed your day to day life?  Has your idea of fun changed?  Do you find yourself making choices you would not have before etc?

Well I try and eat healthy during the week. I'm just cutting portions and counting calories somewhat. I try and not get too obsessed over it because it can take over your life but it kind of has too sometimes. kwim. Yes, fun is being outside with my children and not running out of breath and wanting them to grow up active and healthy. 

What challenges do you face in getting your workout in?  How have you overcome them? or do you still struggle?

Although I only work part- time I still find it challenging. I try and work out right after work but sometimes life gets in the way. So I'll go running after supper. My 5 year old bikes beside me sometimes and I love it. Although I have to stop a few times it's ok. He doesn't come very often .LOL

Tell us about your cheerleaders and supporters? Does having similar minded friends help?

Oh my I have so many. Well to Natalie who got me going in all this. My husband , all the people I work  with , my kids, and Katie . Cannot say enough about you. YOU are true and you feel what I feel. When you have a bad day you tell it like it is and you are not scared to tell us how you feel. We are all-human and make mistakes, cheat with our food and you know what ...IT'S OK. On to the next meal.

Have you had any embarrassing moments out running? Its me you know I had to look for a funny story :)

YES. OMG!  Like the one day I did not want to wear a sports bra. So of course who's at the corner....Yep construction crew. LOL I thought I was going to die. Oh well I held my head high and did not look back. LOL

What goal are you working on right now?  Can share with us how your working to achieve this?

My original goal was to lose weight. Well it still is but now it's about feeling and being healthy also. So I am running and watching what I eat. I cheat on the week-ends. I try and be good during the week but as you know it's not always the case. Since last May I have lost 26 pounds. It's very slow I know but unlike those crazy fad diets I did in the past. I know that this is working and for the first time in my life it feels right. I'm just cutting portions and trying to stay away from pasta and potatoes. Food has always been hard for me. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I bored, happy, sad whenever. I also love food and love to cook. So it's ok if I cheat when I'm not supposed to and it's ok if it takes me a longer time to lose the weight. I know it will stay off for life this time. And I also for the first time gave my old clothes away which I have never done before. Felt really good.

Lastly, imagine the woman you were before you started to move and get fit.  What would you tell that girl now to help get her to where you are today?

Get your ass off the couch and get moving. Life is much more fun outside then inside watching soap operas while eating chips. 


  1. What an amazing interview .. CONGRATS TO YOU AND TO MICHELLE! I have goosebumps!


  2. Very inspiring!! Great job Michelle!