Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blatherings on a Tuesday

So they say that every successful blog post should include a picture.  Over at Kataroo's Kitchen that's an easy task with ample pictures of scrappies and cute kids to share.  But finding a picture of myself to share  here where I am usually talking about ME, is hard.  I spend most days in my gym clothes, sweaty and gross.  I don't even get to the shower until about 2pm after a workout, after groc shopping, after 3 trips too school, after preparing lunches, after cleaning the house.  Once I am smelling clean and fresh again, I don't exactly do my hair and make up or even dress nicely.  I find clean non sweaty yoga pants and a t-shirt to wear.  So the fact that I managed to put on a pretty dress yesterday afternoon was close to a miracle and definitely worthy of a picture.  Too bad I still hadn't done my make up or hair, but still a vast improvement.   Near dinner time the house really cooled off and I grabbed a sweater to warm up, and I have to admit that when I heard hubby coming through the front door I ditched the sweater wanting to show 'off' the sexiness.   He came in and I made sure to display the assets while getting dinner ready.  He sat down ate dinner, we cleaned up and no comment on the 'dress'.  So I broke down and told him I looked HOT! LOL  What can a girl do?
So this is an exciting week for me, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be in class for the Personal Training Certification.  I am preparing this week by reading the big text book they delivered.  Funny thing there isn't a single vampire or werwolf in that text book?  I swear I haven't read anything without a vampire, something supernatural or about scrapbooking in it in 5 years.  I am not sure my brain still works.
So wish me luck this week while I retrain my brain and try not to envision a sexy vampire lifting weights with proper form.


  1. Wishing you luck...but I know you dont need luck cause you are super duper awesome!

  2. You are rocking that dress!!! You should get dressed up at one of our playdates and I'll take some pics of you looking HOT while playing with the kiddos (or not...)!