Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting it right

Its been 2 months since that fated day when I stood on the body fat scale and saw that I was at a body fat percentage of 44%.  Since then I have added strength training into my routine 2 days a week.  I keep tweaking my strength training as I learn more about it and what I should be doing.  Well today I got on the scale at the gym after a long break from it, and HOLY WOZERS this strength training is working. I have lost 10 pounds!  Even better than that 2 weeks ago I used the body fat scale again during my PT class and I had lost 3% body fat.  I think I am figuring things out, and getting it RIGHT. I really feel the need to tell you that I have done all that while EATING.  This past long weekend I indulged in a bucket of margaritas, pie two days in a row, cake, and a full rack of Ryan's famous ribs.  Most of the time I make healthy choices about what I eat, but I have not held back on enjoying my favorite things.  I have to say that is key for me, as I can not imagine life without chocolate, and its truly kept me from falling into the dark mind set.

I am really enjoying the strength training because you can see results.  2 weeks ago I could not do a single from toes push up.  Today I did 3 sets of 12 (with about 50% range of motion but I will get to 100%!).  Believe it or not I was more excited about the push ups than the 10 pounds LOL !  I was pretty embarrassed  during the PT class when I was the only one that could not do a push up from their toes (yikes).

Next up 20 pushups all the way down and all the way up in perfect form!  I can do it!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

She wears short shorts...

Ok maybe not short shorts, but she does wear SHORTS!  I daringly picked up a pair of shorts from Joe while doing a grocery grab and dash after the gym Saturday.  I think I was feeling more confident than usual after a particularly good run.  I have not worn shorts in over 10 years! I have spent the hot summers in capris (which rock since you only have to worry about shaving your legs up to mid calf).  I took the shorts home held my breath and put them on, and you know what they felt good.  I found myself almost prancing around in them during the day, marveling at the feel of the sun on my leg while playing in the park.  I also marveled at how sexy my mid calf shaving job looked! OOPS.  Guess a trip  to Shoppers for some shaving cream is in order.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Have you met my friend Mellisa?

It is amazing the things that the 'average' woman can accomplish, down right inspiring.  Let me introduce you to my friend Mellisa, who is actually anything but average!  Her journey to get fit excites me and her updates empower me.  I don't know many women that would walk into an Anti-Gravity Yoga class as a newbie to the gym and just go for it!  I don't know many women that after a 15 year? hiatus from volleyball would join an intermal league and take a ball slam to the face and LOVE IT!  This is my friend Mellisa, enjoy!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A little about me ... hmm.  What's to tell?  I am a 37 years old.  Married.  No children (not by choice) but 3 fur-babies to call my own..  I work in an elementary school as an Educational Assistant --- a job I love very much.   By today's standard, I guess I have been 'plus size' all of my adult life and throughout my teens  (although really.  size 12.  5'9" .... is that really a PLUS size?  C'mon fashion world.) but didn't start packing on the pounds until I was 19.  You surely know the story.  High school is over.  No more sports.  College starts.  Study sessions always seem to take place in pubs or restaurants with the star attraction being some kind of edible goodness.  Of course, on top of your college load, you dont live at home so you have to work 30 hours a week around your studies to pay the bills ... and at KFC no less.  Oh wait.  Yes.  There is the relationship factor.  Started dating/a relationship when I was 18 (supper followed by a ginormous tub of buttery popcorn, please) and so my tale began.

What you do, hobbies, etc.
The only real hobby I have is scrapbooking, I would say.  Not just scrapbooking but variations of it.  I discovered mixed media a few years back and absolutely love it.

Tell us a little about your past working out/weight loss/get healthy endeavours?  Many of us have a few false starts before we get the 'click'.
Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers.  And threw a little Herbal Magic in there too, please.  I was always successful in these programs but, for varying reasons, I would always stop at the end of the session (money, I can do it myself, pregnancy, etc).  Of course, old habits didn't have to travel far to return.  Exercise was always a chore.  Down 20, up 40.  Down 50, up 35.  Viscous cycle.

Do you feel like you have gotten the 'click'?  If so what is different this time around? If not, what do you think you 'need' to get there?
I have finally gotten it.  It clicked ... and it ways I never dreamed possible.  I absolutely love going to the gym.  I love working out.  I love feeling the burn and actually find some satisfaction to the pain I may feel the next day regardless of how hard it is to sit down to pee.  While I feel that I have finally gotten it, I still need to focus more on the healthier eating.  It's not even that I am not eating healthy, it's more like there is no rhyme or reason to my habits so they are not the most effective.  At the end of the day, the only thing I 'need' to get there is me.  A little help from my friends .... that's just a wonderful bonus.

Tell us a bit about how your current workout regime started? What prompted you too make those first steps towards getting fit?
After making the decision that this was it and enough was enough, I gathered two friends from work and we began doing aquafit 2 nights a week.  Because of the distance we travel to workout, we always did double classes which mean 1.5 hours in the glorious water - stretching, moving and sweating.  I lost some weight quickly and but then it just stopped and I was plateaued for about a month.  My friends and I had started talking laps (or lane swims) and I have to say, I was skeptical but willing to give it a try.  I had no idea I would fall in love with it like I did. Unfortunately though ... it only worked for a few more pounds.  That's when I decided that I needed more, and despite my past inhibitions, I joined a gym.  Now, I could live there and doing so many different things. 

Tell us about your current workout regime?
Right now my workout regime involves some cardio on the treadmill or bike (I'm working towards actually being able to jog ... not because I want to do it as a sport but because I just want to be able to do it.) followed by a water activity (laps or fit classes)

I for one am in awe of your ability to swim as long and as hard as you do.  Have you had the 'hey I feel like an athlete' moment? 
Thank you.  I think that there are really two times where I truly feel like an athlete.  One is when it's been a while since I have been in the pool.  The water feels clean and crisp around me as I glide through.  The other time is when I swim a lap faster than I normally do without even realizing that I am moving faster.

Swimming is something foreign to me, tell me what goes through your head as you complete your laps back and forth?  Are you focused on the stroke, the counting, the swim...or does your mind wander?  And how do you keep count?
As a person who has a mind that is constantly on the run, it is often a struggle to enjoy lane swimming, as much as I love to be in the water, especially if I am dealing with any stresses.  I work out to rid myself of this and can't when there are no distractions. At first I could swim an hour and a half with ease where as I am now pushing myself.  "15 minutes.  Its nothing .... 10 minutes.  In 10 minutes it'll be one hour.  i can do this!"  Nothing like your own personal pep talk.  lol.  I've used many methods of counting but have since purchased a lap counter.  It's a great little run that counts my laps, times each lap length and let me know how long I've been swimming for.  It's been great for my accuracy but not so great for keeping my mind occupied.  Next purchase ... waterproof MP3 player.

How do you feel after your workout?  If you could bottle up that feeling and sell it how would you market it?
Most days I feel really good after working out although it is often for varying reasons.  Typically it is just because I had a good work out but sometimes it's because I completed a workout on a day where I just didn't want to go to the gym.  If I could bottle it up and market it, now so sure but the ingredient list would definitely consist of mental health, physical health, improved heart/lung stamina and some pounds lost with a whole lot of self satisfaction, pride and sheer happiness for goals made and obtained regardless of what they are.

Tell us more about how 'healthy living' has changed your day to day life?  Has your idea of fun changed?  Do you find yourself making choices you would not have before etc?
Has my idea of fun changed - - OH YA!  I am fortunate enough to go to the gym but unfortunate that it is so far away from me.  With a 40 minute drive each way and these gas prices, I have to plan carefully when I go.  Because it is open 24 hours, I will always try to slip in a workout outside of my regular routine.  For example ... I went to Lone Star with some friends a few weeks back.  It was a great night with lots of fun that ended around 11:30 pm after a crazy non-stop day at work.  Everyone went home exhausted.  I went to the gym.  Another example ... I was at National Scrapbook Day and, after a 2am bedtime, I woke up and hit the gym at 7:15 so I could get a workout in before the days activities.  Going to the gym is especially fun when I have a buddy.

What challenges do you face in getting your workout in?  How have you overcome them? or do you still struggle?
The biggest challenge I have in getting my workout in is kilometers.  I live about 40 minutes away from the gym and work just as far away too.  The fact that I drive a big SUV and that it costs me about $25-$30 round trip doesn't help.  Sometimes it is a factor but, at the end of the day, it is my health and how to you put a price on that?

I think you deserve to do some bragging here!  Share your firsts, your bests, I can't believe I did that's,  the things that have changed for you.  I hear you have tried hanging upside down even?
Oy.  Bragging.  Not so fun.  haha.  I've tried a few different things that my club offers.  One is Zumba ... LOVE IT.  I love to dance and the energy there is incredible.  Anti gravity Strength and Cardio was interesting but it was way out of my league.  I signed up thinking it was anti-gravity yoga.  I did a lot of the moves but the inverted stuff I wasn't able to do ... yet.  My biggest accomplishment was actually something so simple for most but difficult for me.  I jogged.  I mean really, really jogged.   I havent done that since I was in high school.  Granted, it was only for a few minutes but, for a person who couldn't do more than 5 steps in the fall, 2.5 minutes was HUGE.

Tell us about your cheerleaders and supporters? Does having similar minded friends help?
My family and husband are great cheerleaders but my biggest cheerleader is Katie/you.  I am always getting reminders of "where's your daily mile update?" or questions asking "i noticed you havent worked out in a few days ... everything okay?"   The words of encouragement are priceless and are really fundamental in my motivation.  As I said before, I am lucky to have great supports but when someone who knows the struggle that goes on physically and mentally and has broken those barriers themselves, that support and encouragement and invaluable.

Have you had any embarrassing moments at the gym?  Its me you know I had to look for a funny story :)
Only one.  I was doing hot yoga with a friend and she farted right in the middle of a pose.  (okay .. I wasn't embarrased but i just had to share.  lol)  Fortunately, no.  Thank gawd!  

What goal are working on right now?  Can share with us how your working to achieve this? or what you plan on doing?
My immediate goal is just to get back into a routine with the gym.  Between being sick, Easter, death in the family and being with only 1 vehicle for 3 weeks, I've barely been and I miss it.  My long term goal is to run a 5k marathon in the fall.  I am skeptical about it and have my doubt but am going to give it my 100% and make it happen.  I can do this!

Lastly, imagine the woman you were before you started to move and get fit.  What would you tell that girl now to help get to where you are today?
Hey.  Do you hear that?  The sound of your heart beating out of your chest as it races to support your body walking up the stairs?  Oh.  You can't hear that over the sound of your heavy breathing as your lungs scream for oxygen.  Ok.  Well.  Why are you going up the stairs slowly?  Ah.  You're knees creek with each step.  Hmm.  That can't be fun.  Well guess what, former self?  It can change.  It doesn't have to be that way.  And really, it starts out like hard work but it isn't always going to be hard work.  With commitment and dedication, it will become part of who you are and what your body craves.  And you will feel so much better.  SO MUCH BETTER.  And the clothes.  Oh the clothes.  You can shop at more places and the places you couldn't shop before will become a possibility.  All you have to do it believe.  Trust and believe.  You are ready for this journey and will do it.  I know you can.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Fit Anniversary

This is me just over a year ago.  I am really really happy in this picture because I am at a class with Tim Holtz (for the non scrapbookers he's like Brad Pitt LOL).  I am a size 22 in this picture.  What you can't tell from this picture is that the change had already started within.  I am really really close here to having that first 'click'.  I am smiling in this picture even though I have peed with high hopes on yet another pregnancy test stick, only to find one line.  I am smiling in this picture even though I agonized over what to wear to this event, and how to make myself look 'pretty' when I don't feel pretty.  I am smiling in this picture even though my back hurt from sitting all day in the class.  I am smiling in this picture even though my jeans are cutting into my belly and will leave a red welt later on.  Quietly there is a war going on and I am about to win the first battle!

One year ago this was me taking a pic of myself heading to the gym.  I am sporting a new workout top from Addition Elle, so very happy to have found a fitness top that fit and didn't look like a pj top! I remember being so frustrated with workout clothes for plus sizes, they all looked like PJ's.  Yes Mr. Addition Elle plus size girls do get off the couch and exercise!  I remember my biggest frustration here was that I had begun exercising and feeling really good about myself.  I was amazed at how quick the fitness came back to me.  Then I would look in the mirror and see that fat girl staring back at me with her bloated face, and swollen body and think that's not how I feel?  In those first 4 months or so I really felt like an athlete hiding in a fat body.   It was frustrating to look at myself as a whole, so I looked at the parts.  I admired the muscle emerging from my arm as I reached for my coffee cup of all things.  YES I DID! LOL.  I admired my calf muscles as they became more shapely.  I ignored my pouch like a frenemy. Slowly but surely things were changing, and not just my body, but my life!  I feel HOPEFUL.

This is me today one whole year later.  This is me holding my shoulders back and standing tall with confidence.  I feel good (except for the days when I overdue it and yelp when I have to sit down on the potty LOL).  I not only feel hopeful, but I feel as though anything is a possibility if I try hard enough.  I feel the winds of change breezing in again.  I want to help inspire and motivate other women to take those first few brave steps.  I want to help them take that step again and again until it becomes a slow canter and then a confident gallop.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fittiversary: Q&A

Well my email and Facebook messages have been flooding in with questions in response to my ask me anything request for a Q&A post. (no not really but lets pretend they have, and thank-you to Mell for my one real question LOL)

Ok so lets get the game going:

Q: Do you struggle with leaving your kids in the Gym Daycare while you workout?  
I still have struggles with regards to the kids and the gym.  My oldest daughter is exactly like me and that means she has anxiety and she often still feels insecure and doesn't want to be left in the gym daycare on her own.  Our routine is to go to the gym in the morning, and keeping that routine is important.  If I went to the gym all over the place it would be harder on them.  But they know we wake up, eat, watch tv, go to the gym.  My youngest goes to Nursery school 3 mornings a week.  So two days a week they go to the gym together and those days are easy.  On the three mornings Kay has to go on her own I will often hear that she doesn't want to go, and she will whine and even sometimes get a bit clinging or cry a bit.  However,  less then 5 min into the daycare and she is FINE.  Better than fine, she has fun, she plays with other kids and when I pick her up she often doesn't want to leave. 
 I will admit we have had some rough patches.  Once I carried her like a sack of potatoes up the stairs to the gym crying loudly, had to peel her off me and shut the door to the daycare.  I felt like I got stares of judgment from other mom's but in reality I think they just felt bad for both of us.  My anxiety was through the roof, I got on the treadmill carefully choosing the one closest to the daycare so I could hear her cry, watched the clock for 10 min and then snuck back to see if she was ok...and she was.  
I talk to the girls about why Mommy goes to the gym, that she wants to be healthy and strong, and I ask them if they want GRUMPY MOM or HAPPY MOM.  They always say Happy Mom.  

Q: Have you tried group classes? What do you like?
I love doing classes, they are fun and keep you from getting bored and stagnant in your routine.  The energy in a class carries you through a bad workout and turns it into a good one.  Most of the people  I have met at the gym have been through taking classes.  I love SPIN, LOVE LOVE SPIN CLASS.  Its a high energy, rocking, awesome music class.  Its very challenging and makes you feel part of an elite club (just by going).  I feel like the class is suited for all levels of fitness since the intensity of the class is what you put into it (you set the resistance).  BUTT your BUTT needs to get used to the seat (ouch).  
I loved pump class, it made me feel strong and empowered changing the weights on and off the bar.  But you do need to be careful, go light on the weights and slowly build up.  I injured myself twice in the class and my Chiro says Pump is his best customer.  Its easy to get caught up in the class and want to go bigger.   
I am also really surprised at how much I love YOGA.  Its a very different workout.  The first time I tried it I admit it was awkward with so much extra weight in the way and generally being unfit.  But as I lost weight, and got fitter I truly began to enjoy the class.  I loved seeing the progression in my ability to hold poses, it was again very empowering!  It also felt very very good to do after a long run day when I was tight and sore.  
I have also tried Step, and Body Combat. These classes were hard for me as you need to be able to coordinate your movements and follow a lot of choreography.  I found I would stand there lost and not getting a good workout in.  I think if I stuck with it I would have learned it, but lets face it I don't have the patience.   Running and spinning, one foot in front of the other...easy!  

Q: What are you favorite cardio machines to use?
I love the treadmill.  The treadmill and I are very good friends.  One of the reasons is simply that I love running and for me much of my running takes place there on the mill.  I like to workout in the morning and to do so my children need to be in the daycare and I can't leave the gym to run outside.  I also love the treadmill because I can control my workout and because of that also change it up enough that its not boring.  I can play with the speed and incline.  I love doing short fast runs (5km), and long (8-12km) slow runs where I vary the incline from 1-2%.  I like doing hill runs where I either use the hill program or run a song at specific inline, rest for a song and then do another grade of incline.   I also love doing intervals with speed.  The treadmill doesn't have to be boring and is by far my favorite machine.  
I am not a fan of the elliptical, or cross ramp (personal preference) but if I need cardio and can't run (ie. knee is sore looking for a non impact machine) I will use these.  I again change the speed and resistance in intervals to get a good workout in.   
Sometimes on a non run day I will do a cardio circuit in the gym.  I do this when I am short on time and want to get good cardio sweat. So I do 10 min intervals on a variety of machines using a basic 1 min hard 1 min rest.  I usually add the rowing machine and bike into the mix when I do this. I love the rowing machine, it makes me feel like an athlete, and I always envision Silken Lauman when I use it.  Here's an interesting one, all though I love the spin bike I do not like the lifecycle bike in the cardio line up.  I can't get it adjusted to fit comfortably and after 10 min my butt is numb.  So I don't use the bike for long.  For me the key is challenging yourself and keeping variety in your cardio workout by playing with the settings on the machine no matter what you like to use.

Q: I can see you love cardio but what about resistance training?

I have to admit that I love the cardio, I love the rush, I love the sweat, I love the way it makes me feel.  My fitness regime has been very heavy in cardio.  When I started at the gym I did pump twice a week but then I hurt my elbow and took a break for 4 months.  I lost a lot of muscle during that time (cardio like running breaks down some lean muscle as well), my weight loss became stagnant and my arms got flabby LOL.  Remember that post about a month ago where I was shocked to find out that my body fat % was 44!  Well that would be largely due to the lack of resistance training.  I have now added free weights and body weight resistance training, in twice a week for about 30 min.  During this time my body fat % has dropped 3% and I lost 6 pounds.  More importantly my clothes have begun to fit much much better (in particular the stuff I bought that was too tight hoping that one day it would fit LOL).

Q: What's up with this Daily Mile and Facebook...?

I have likely driven my friends mad this past year with my Daily Mile posts on Facebook.  Katie Squires ran 5km and felt great.  Katie Squires picked her nose and felt good LOL.  For my friends that have put up with all my 'brag' like posts and commented with 'way to go's I thank-you!  I really really thank-you!
Daily Mile is a site online that tracks you workouts and gives you fabulous facts like how many donuts you have burned and light bulbs you have powered.  It allows you to connect and share your workout with your friends on Facebook.  The encouragement that I get from my friends online is a BIG reason why I have stuck with it.  Every 'like', every 'way to go' has FUELED ME.  I push through a crappy workout, and get my butt to the gym on days I don't want to simply because I want to post my workout.  I also love seeing my friend's updates on their workouts, their successes have inspired me time and time again.  The positive encouraging network that you can set up online is an amazing thing.  

Q:  Knowing you for several years, I know that you have tried this and that only to fall back into old, unhealthy habits. What was the defining moment a year ago that motivated you to join a gym and what was so different this time around that it finally clicked and you stuck with it?  **my one real question thanks Mell :)

My defining moment a year ago was 2 fold.  One my weight had begun to for the first time in my life cause physical pain.  My back was sore standing in line at the grocery line.  The little bones in my feet hurt all the time after walking a moderate distance.  I felt sluggish and physically uncomfortable in my body.  The other reason was that I struggled for well over a year to get pregnant and I had a strong feeling that my weight was playing a role in that.  (funny thing, we stopped trying so I could focus on getting healthy and now I have no intention of adding another diaper wearing tot to the crew LOL).  Even the 6 months prior to joining the gym were marked with attempts to get it 'right'.  At the beginning of that year I took a scrapbook and health/weight loss class thinking that  do the trick (really??scrapbooking and weight loss?).  Then I joined a 30 day do a scrapbook page a day group and thought I would devote each page to my journey to get healthy.  Both these attempts failed.  But I do think that 
I was mentally preparing myself and trying to find my way.  

So what finally clicked?  I think it was the gym.  I had tried walking, walking in the evenings when I was tired and had no desire to leave the comfort of my house.  I tried walking with kids in tow in the double stroller, which was marked with whining and crying. I tried doing workout videos like the SHRED in the basement.  Sweating in your basement tripping over toys while yelling at your children to give you 20 min was not empowering.  My husband started working out at a gym about 4 months before me and kept encouraging me to join.  I kept resisting it and telling him that I could do this on my own.  I guess it goes to show you that you have to be READY.  Well, on May 19th, 2010 I was READY!  I went in to the women's gym and signed up.  I went in thinking that I would be working out in the evenings 3-4 nights a week working around the kids bedtime schedule.  I was dreading having to workout during my scrapbook time. Then I learned about the day care at the gym and found out that it was actually 'AFFORDABLE' (for real and we are a single income, stay at home mom family).  That was the first CLICK.  I had an hour each morning to myself, where I got to work on me and feel good.  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how much I began to to treasure this time.  The 2nd click came when I started sweating and pushing myself and seeing that I was a lot stronger than I had given myself credit for.  It felt so good to workout, I left each workout filled with pride and HOPE.  Going to the gym and being active has honestly been easy every since.  The food part has been more of a struggle, but I have made major changes just based on the fact that I feel good and want to eat healthy (most of the time).  

So your thinking ok have a gym, and a daycare to put your kids in, of course its easy!  But how do the women that have full time jobs to go to, or can't go to the gym, or have to workout with the kids in tow do it?  I agree its much much harder.  But I think if you can find that first click and get a taste of how it will change your life you will find a way to make it work. I know on the days that the kids are sick and I can't go to the gym I find a way to  make it work. I workout in my basement or go in the evening.  Its not ideal but I do it.  Now that I crave it and need it I choose to get up early on the weekend and holidays to get my sweat on before the activities of the day start.  I choose to because I would honestly rather being doing that than sleeping in.  

I know its not an easy road to get to, but its so worth every false start and struggle to get there.     


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fittiversary: Have you met my friend Michelle

Over the last year I haven’t been the only one making big changes and taking brave steps toward doing things they never imagined possible.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a little about a friend of mine who started running in the last year and is running her first 10km race this month. 
I met Michelle years and years ago scrapbooking and she just had this super upbeat, funny, comical, tell it like is personality that you can only imagine I loved!   Fast forward to years later where we haven’t seen or heard from one another and thanks to the world of the internet we reconnect and realize that we are both overweight, scrapbooking Mom’s embarking on a journey that will change our lives.   I have received some of the most encouraging and supportive messages from this wonderful woman over this past year and I want all of you to get to know her and to be inspired!

So here’s a little Q&A with Michelle:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What you do, hobbies, kids, etc.

Well I am 41 yrs old OMG. I am the mother to 2 beautiful and energetic boys, Zackari 10 and Maxim 5. I am married to an amazing guy Ivan

Tell us a little about you’re past working out/weight loss/get healthy endeavours?  Many of us have a few false starts before we get the 'click'.

Well I have tried so many things in the past. The most "successful" was the famous Atkins diet. Lost 40 pounds like in 3 months but the minute I started eating bread and pasta again well you know.............

Do you feel like you have gotten the 'click'?  If so what is different this time around? If not, what do you think you 'need' to get there?

YES I got the "click" on the day of my 40th birthday last year. I heard about this "click" thing and wondered when it would happen to me. Well I was getting ready for my surprise Birthday LOL, and I had just finished putting on my make-up. I was looking in the mirror and I thought I looked  "good". Now for you guys that don't know me I NEVER think I look good. But as I looked closer I found I looked swollen. I'm like what's wrong with my face ?  Then it hit me. I DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THIS. No one is forcing me to eat and look like this. I HAVE control over this.

Tell us a bit about how your current workout regime started? What prompted you too make those first steps towards getting fit? 

So the night of my 40th birthday party my cousin came down and I was looking at her and she looked AMAZING! I said to her "What have you been doing? You look great." She told me she had started jogging and the weight just fell off. Well I  said I cannot do that. Then the following week I thought well I could try I guess. So I started walking more then jogging then it happened.............. I fell in love with jogging.

Tell us about your current workout regime?

Well right now I am training for a 10 kms race. WOW never thought I would say that in my Life never. LOL So I finish work at 1:00pm so I go running right after that and before the kids come home from school.

When and how did you decide to RUN? Tell us how that came about? Did you run in the past?  

No I did not run in the past. I started running last May then in the fall decided to buy an elliptical machine and I did that all winter. I am too scared to run in the winter and hurt myself. I now love both. I think it is good to do more than one thing.

Tell us about when you first 'felt like a runner' and you are a RUNNER, anyone who decides to spend New Years Eve participating in a 5km race in the Canadian Winter is a RUNNER!

 I sure felt like a runner that night and the day last week where we had high winds. LOL

Tell us about your training?  Did you go to a clinic?  Have you taught yourself so to speak?  Where do you run?  What's on your playlist?  Do you have a power song?  Do you run in a group or with others? 

I wanted to join the running room but my schedule and my husband's job did not allow me to. So I said I would just do it y myself. I started slow with walking the jogging. Now I jog and run most of the time. I run in Orleans near my house. I have mapped a route out and I just keep adding to the route and it adds the kms as I go . I love it. My playlist well  it ranges from Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Taoi Cruz, Katy Perry the Black Eyed Peas, Usher. I like all the new upbeat songs. I swear those songs are what keeps me going. My power song right now is Rianna's S & M song. I know dirty girl >LOL I like to run by myself so far. Until I am a fit runner I would like it to stay that way.

How do you feel after your workout?  If you could bottle up that feeling and sell it how would you market it?  

I feel Like a million bucks. I am SO PROUD of myself.

Tell us about your longest run, your fastest run, your most fun run?  What are you most proud of?  How did it feel when you crossed that finish line New Year's Eve? 

My longest, fastest, and most fun run was on my Birthday this Year which was also Mother's Day. My husband had planned a big breakfast and I looked at him and told him I was going running he looked at me and then paused...he understood. I had to prove to myself that I could do a 10 kms. So on my run I saw an older lady in her 70's running and behind her was her husband on a bicycle watching her and carrying a packsack. I though that was the sweetest thing. Then I saw 8 women running right passed me all dressed in pink. It looked to me like mother's and daughter's. That made me smile. Then OMG THE RUNNERS, you know the real ones with tight butts and serious look on their face they were coming towards me. I thought I was going to die. LOL Well I got 2 smiles. And that made me happy. It was a really emotional run for me. I was happy, sad, crying and laughing. A real nut case I tell you. Well I did really good time and I was shocked and impressed with myself. I really kicked butt. On New Year's Eve I felt in Awe and in disbelief that I did it. truly amazing !

Tell us more about how 'healthy living' has changed your day to day life?  Has your idea of fun changed?  Do you find yourself making choices you would not have before etc?

Well I try and eat healthy during the week. I'm just cutting portions and counting calories somewhat. I try and not get too obsessed over it because it can take over your life but it kind of has too sometimes. kwim. Yes, fun is being outside with my children and not running out of breath and wanting them to grow up active and healthy. 

What challenges do you face in getting your workout in?  How have you overcome them? or do you still struggle?

Although I only work part- time I still find it challenging. I try and work out right after work but sometimes life gets in the way. So I'll go running after supper. My 5 year old bikes beside me sometimes and I love it. Although I have to stop a few times it's ok. He doesn't come very often .LOL

Tell us about your cheerleaders and supporters? Does having similar minded friends help?

Oh my I have so many. Well to Natalie who got me going in all this. My husband , all the people I work  with , my kids, and Katie . Cannot say enough about you. YOU are true and you feel what I feel. When you have a bad day you tell it like it is and you are not scared to tell us how you feel. We are all-human and make mistakes, cheat with our food and you know what ...IT'S OK. On to the next meal.

Have you had any embarrassing moments out running? Its me you know I had to look for a funny story :)

YES. OMG!  Like the one day I did not want to wear a sports bra. So of course who's at the corner....Yep construction crew. LOL I thought I was going to die. Oh well I held my head high and did not look back. LOL

What goal are you working on right now?  Can share with us how your working to achieve this?

My original goal was to lose weight. Well it still is but now it's about feeling and being healthy also. So I am running and watching what I eat. I cheat on the week-ends. I try and be good during the week but as you know it's not always the case. Since last May I have lost 26 pounds. It's very slow I know but unlike those crazy fad diets I did in the past. I know that this is working and for the first time in my life it feels right. I'm just cutting portions and trying to stay away from pasta and potatoes. Food has always been hard for me. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I bored, happy, sad whenever. I also love food and love to cook. So it's ok if I cheat when I'm not supposed to and it's ok if it takes me a longer time to lose the weight. I know it will stay off for life this time. And I also for the first time gave my old clothes away which I have never done before. Felt really good.

Lastly, imagine the woman you were before you started to move and get fit.  What would you tell that girl now to help get her to where you are today?

Get your ass off the couch and get moving. Life is much more fun outside then inside watching soap operas while eating chips. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 2: What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was Day 2 of the PT course and I am so relieved to say that it was a very good day (you should of seen the look of relief on my husbands face when he picked me up LOL).  I went into class with a new attitude, doing my best to leave my insecurities at the door.  I even went so far as to volunteer to be the class model to learn how to take body measurements, now if that isn't putting yourself out there, I'm not sure what is.  It seemed to do the trick because for the rest of the day I had much more confidence in myself.  I learned A LOT yesterday.  I found myself getting more and more excited throughout the day as I realized that I could really help induce CHANGE in other women.  Today is the last day of the course and then there will be two exams to take.  I have a lot to LEARN before this becomes a career for me, but I am excited to take that next step.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes you just need chocolate

I am writing this blog post from the bottom of a bowl of MM's. Today was the first day of a 3 day personal training certification course. I didn't think it would be walk in the park, but I had no idea it would be as hard as it was.  Today I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was by far the oldest, the heaviest and the most inexperienced in the class.  I have not felt this far outside of my element in sometime.  I have to admit I was really surprised that I felt so old.  I workout at the Women's Gym in Barhaven and most of the members are like me, they are moms (not all of them of course but the majority for sure), mom's that are trying to find time for themselves, that are tired and looking to feel some sort of energy again, mom's that want to feel better about themselves.  These are the woman I identify with.  Today I think I was the only mom in the room.  I knew I would likely be the 'largest' in the class and I was ok with that.  I feel fit and healthy and yes even beautiful most days now.  But today my inexperience in weight training made me feel 'larger' and unfit compared to the rest.  There were so many times today where I wondered what I was doing there, that I wanted to cry and leave.  But I didn't.  I tried really hard to put myself out there, to participate and be present.  Why? Because I realized that this was likely how the struggling with her weight mom would feel her first time in the gym.  If I can't do it how can I expect someone else to?  So after this bowl of MM's I am going to bed and I am going to try even harder tomorrow.

PS.  My friend Rachel sent me this poem tonight, which gave me the goosebumps because my Grandfather clipped the same poem out of a newspaper when I was in grade 6 and gave it to me.  I still have it taped in my diary.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anniversary coming up

Thank-you Laura Carew for taking a pic of me where I am not in my 'mom' uniform :)

The date on my gym card is May 19th, and that means that on May 19th I will have been getting my sweat on and moving my booty 5 times a week for a whole year!  This is kind of big deal for me, and I really want to CELEBRATE IT!  So I thought I would do a series of fun posts here to lead up to the big day.  Stay tuned for some fun blogging...

PS.  If you have any questions for me post them in the comments section and I can do a Q&A type of post too.  Anything how do you hold your gas in on the treadmill...yes believe it or not I do! LOL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blatherings on a Tuesday

So they say that every successful blog post should include a picture.  Over at Kataroo's Kitchen that's an easy task with ample pictures of scrappies and cute kids to share.  But finding a picture of myself to share  here where I am usually talking about ME, is hard.  I spend most days in my gym clothes, sweaty and gross.  I don't even get to the shower until about 2pm after a workout, after groc shopping, after 3 trips too school, after preparing lunches, after cleaning the house.  Once I am smelling clean and fresh again, I don't exactly do my hair and make up or even dress nicely.  I find clean non sweaty yoga pants and a t-shirt to wear.  So the fact that I managed to put on a pretty dress yesterday afternoon was close to a miracle and definitely worthy of a picture.  Too bad I still hadn't done my make up or hair, but still a vast improvement.   Near dinner time the house really cooled off and I grabbed a sweater to warm up, and I have to admit that when I heard hubby coming through the front door I ditched the sweater wanting to show 'off' the sexiness.   He came in and I made sure to display the assets while getting dinner ready.  He sat down ate dinner, we cleaned up and no comment on the 'dress'.  So I broke down and told him I looked HOT! LOL  What can a girl do?
So this is an exciting week for me, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be in class for the Personal Training Certification.  I am preparing this week by reading the big text book they delivered.  Funny thing there isn't a single vampire or werwolf in that text book?  I swear I haven't read anything without a vampire, something supernatural or about scrapbooking in it in 5 years.  I am not sure my brain still works.
So wish me luck this week while I retrain my brain and try not to envision a sexy vampire lifting weights with proper form.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Girl

While surfing the net this evening I came across this amazing video on one of my favorite sites, Brave Girls.  I took a SOUL RESTORATION class through Brave Girls at the beginning of the year and am in awe of the work they do and the change that they help bring about in women.  One of their employee's Kim made this video to audition for The Biggest Looser.

I felt like in many ways I was watching myself a year ago in this video. I am in awe of the courage that it took this young woman to bare herself inside and out. My heart aches to see yet another girl all bubbly and happy and giving on the outside and inside crumbling. I know all to well what that feels like. I have a feeling that this young woman's journey is just beginning and about to get a little wild if her Brave Girl friends have anything to do with it. GO KIM! You can do it :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Needing the Music to Move Me

My Ipod kicked the bucket at the end of our 15km run Saturday, I guess she just didn't have it in her.  So Monday when I hit the gym planning on a 10km run I just didn't have it in me to run that far without music and opted for a fast, flat 5km.  Tuesday I went to spin class where the MUSIC takes me back to clubbing days (not that I had many as a nerdy kid).  Today I really really wanted to get that 10km in, but I still without music (its ordered and on its way).  I got on the treadmill and thought well we will go for an easy 10km today, not pushing the pace.  I couldn't have pushed it if I tried, I felt like I weighed a zillion pounds (funny because I snuck on the scale in a weak moment and have lost 6 pounds), my legs were tight and heavy.  I wasn't in any pain, just felt like a rusty old machine.  I didn't feel at all like the strong powerful body I am used to.  It sucked.  The lack of music to carry me through this hump really sucked.  It took all my mental power to stay on that treadmill and keep my feet moving.  Even then I only did 6.5km a far cry from the 10 I was aiming for.  So is it the lack of music?  Maybe.  Perhaps I need a little rest?  One thing I know for sure I need my Greenday and Lady GaGa back in my cheering corner pronto!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mitsubishi City Chase

I really really want to do this event!  Every time I watch The Biggest Looser or Survivor I think about how cool it would be to do a 'challenge' like that.  This event/race would have you travelling all over the city by foot or bus completing various challenges.  It looks really fun.  Ryan and I have said that as part of our 'new' lifestyle (is it still new? LOL) we want to find fun active things to do, and this certainly would be one.  I think I may even have some friends convinced the same :)

Edit:  We're in :) We're doing it :)