Monday, April 18, 2011


I feel zapped today, POOPED, my gas tank is empty. I am longing for a nap, to curl up with a book till I fall asleep in the afternoon sun. I did a HOT YOGA class for the first time yesterday evening with my friend Mellisa. I loved it! It was such an amazing experience. I stretched my sore, tight muscles like I have never stretched them before, and I felt strong. The heat felt so good. My body felt warm and buzzing. I even loved the beads of sweat dripping off of me. But I wonder did I sweat away all my energy because today I seem to be running on empty.


  1. i am too....I was very active today and yesterday and had a somewhat decent sleep despite the unwanted visitor in our bed but woke up just beyond energy, none of my usual morning "get up and go", no patience!! I hate it when I have no patience....I NEED patience with a certain someone....hopefully the weather pattern will clear and I will be back to normal tomorrow...I did get lots of chores done today but it was a HUGE effort....not usually an effort at all....somebody or something is just sucking up all my positive energy...

  2. It's the weather, not you! Sunshine always re-fills the tank!