Sunday, April 24, 2011


For years during my couch potato rein I would notice people out running along the canal or the neighborhood streets.  I would look at them with envy wishing that I too was out there running, thinking that for some reason that this was beyond my capability, that being fat had disabled me.  I admit that sometimes I even looked at them with contempt.  Fast forward to today, as I am out on Easter Sunday running along a rather beautiful path and runners of all types are passing by me.  Each time I would look up smile and give a small wave and every time I would get a smile and wave of encouragement back.  That's when it hit me....membership.  I belonged, I was part of this group of whacky people out running on an Easter Sunday.   It was a rough run today, the wind was blowing against me, my legs were tight, my feet sore (yep I am sporting like a badge of honor a blister on my toe) and yet every time one of these runners gave me a smile and wave I felt a boost of energy that pushed me onwards.  I felt part of something today even though I was out there on my own, and that was  a very cool feeling.

P.S. When I got home I tagged Ryan and he went out for his run, unfortunately because of the kids we can't run together.  He's fast that hubs of mine and I am so proud of him.  Tonight we are celebrating with his famous ribs!  Its been a very good Easter Weekend.

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  1. I love the sense of belonging I get when friendly runners give me a nod or a wave. I'm always smiling at runners going in the other direction (unless they look creepy- lol!), and I'm always amazed at what a diverse group we runners are, in terms of body type, ethnic background, etc.