Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magic Top

I Katie Squires have a boob problem. My boobs have a mind of their own when I workout and have a tendency to come flying out. (Maybe its because I am doing too many boob dances at home and they have come to enjoy the freedom) I need to wear two bras to hold these knockers down, and a good tight top. Trust me by the time I get home from the gym all nice and sweaty its another damn workout to wrestle out of the contraption. I have on occasion risked wearing one bra when the laundry is building up. I would never dare run in only one hooter holder but surely spin class must be safe? Nope, almost had an escapee that time (bounce bounce bounce....whoa there nelly). Burpees....Better not! Have you heard of the Kinect for the Xbox? Did you know it takes pictures of you while you play? Yep we have a few of Katie Long Boob jumping over the wake with her boobs popped out! NOT PRETTY.
So where is this rather disturbing tale of the boobs going? I wore ONE BRA to the gym today! I did jumping jacks in ONE BRA! I picked up a tank top at Goodlife last night on SALE for $12.99 and I swear they should have charged a zillion dollars for its made of some sort of magic fiber. I will be sporting this lovely green tank at our next family game night in front of the Xbox.


  1. Look at how freaking hot you look! I'm hot on your mean trail!!

  2. You look AWESOME!!! Glad you found something to keep those babies tamed!

  3. First of all, you look amazing girl :)
    Second... hahahaha you make me giggle! Why because I have the EXACT same problem, oh goodness, it's not pretty when i go out i wear a sports bra, a tight tank top and then my t-shirt... somtimes more. So this magic tank I'd love to hear more about? who makes it, I need a DOZEN of them! :)

  4. Sonya :) Its a Goodlife tank...inside the gym they sell some clothes...major sale right now...$12.99!! I think reg. $40?
    Its super strong and fitted...did I mention it sucked and held the pouch in too :) LOL

  5. KATIE!!!! have you looked at this closely?? You look sooooooooo good!