Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Stronger

A little follow up post since my 'the world is ending I am 44% body fat' post.  Its been a tough week, as we lost our wiener dog Frodo this past Sunday morning.  We also took home a new puppy Monday to help us heal and open our hearts to puppy love again.  So the week has been one of getting used to a new family member and grieving Frodo.  I didn't workout Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (locked the keys in the car).  But I was back at it strong on Wednesday, running 8km at a good pace.  I was supposed to meet with a personal trainer on Tuesday for a consult but having locked the keys in the car was stuck at home, so I have rescheduled for next week.  I did get a chance to talk to her, and I mentioned that signing up for personal training wasn't in the budget for me now after the expense of Frodo's emergency treatment and the cost of bringing home Beau.  She was so understanding and said it was still worth coming in to talk and that she could at least point me in the right direction.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with that.  So I think for the most part I need to add more strength training into my fitness regime and I need to work on my diet.  Might I just say here and now that chocolate has been used this week as medicine for dealing with the events of the last week.  Not going to dwell on it, I have also eaten a lot of very nutritious food, next week we will put the chocolate away. While the 'diet' part wasn't so hot this week, I think I have done well on  adding the strength training in.  Yesterday, I ran a quick 5km (at a really good clip for me) and then did 30 min of core, abs, and leg work.  Other than some push ups and planks I didn't tackle the uper body for fear of hurting my elbow.  Wednesday evening I saw a physiotherapist and have started treatment on my elbow and hope to be 100% in a week or two.  I also got some great tips and exercises for strengthening my knees for running (all in the hips).  Then today I did something really cool.  I met up with a girl from the gym (see my treadmill cheer leading paid off, I have a new freind! LOL) and we worked out together.  She has been following one of Jillian Michaels circuits and let me tell you it has transformed her body.  I followed her through the routine, learned a lot of new stuff and got a great workout in.  I was SWEATING!  What I really loved was she pushed herself and me.  I would love to do this twice a week (Jenn are you reading this, have I freaked you out yet LOL).  The girls and I have also walked to and from school each day this week instead of driving.  Its not far but a great bit of extra exercise for us all and the dog.  Oh how I love watching that wiener dog run!  Hilarious.  The weekend ahead includes a Sat spin class, and my first road run of the season Sunday (looking forward to actually going somewhere).  So that's it from my little corner of the world.  Thanks for checking in.

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