Monday, April 11, 2011

Balance: letting go of the black and white thinking

I submitted this piece to the Yummy Mummy Club a couple of months ago but it wasn't picked up for publication so I thought I would share here with you. With Easter Chocolate lining the shelves right now it will be a good reminder for me :)

About 9 months ago I started exercising and getting my sweat on about 5 times a week. I ran my first 5km race weighing about 245 pounds. Since then I have lost (according to that hunk of metal torture) 40 pounds and lost 4 dress sizes. I am pretty proud of that and the two 10km races I have run.

So what miraculous diet have I tried? Share the details you ask (this is like good gossip). Why it’s the ‘eat what you want diet’. Yes that ‘s right, including daily chocolate fixes. No, I have not ‘dieted’ and it would seem through diligent exercise I have been successful in weight loss. Then it struck me this morning while recycling the plastic heart container that only yesterday held a bunch of colourful jubes jubes that the real secret is balance.

I believe, that I have or am close to, finally achieving balance in my attitude about food. Let me explain with this example, I bet it’s a familiar one. I have a sweet tooth and with all the Valentine candy out I can’t resist, so I bought a container of heart jube jubes. I told myself the candy was for Valentine’s Day, which is well over a week away. Who am I kidding thinking I am going to save it till then? So this weekend I ate some, and that handful led to another and that led to ‘two more…and one more and no more after this one’. By the time I was done, I had eaten a significant amount of candy (much much more than the suggested serving). Now the ‘old’ me would have panicked and thought that I had blown it, that all of my hard work at the gym was ruined because I had eaten that candy. I was no longer being ‘good’ because I had eaten the ‘bad’ food. I was ruined and might as well really blow it (you know go out in style). The old me would have then proceeded to polish off the rest of the candy, which would then lead to an internal dialogue of self-bashing. You know the ‘your so fat and that fat is the root of all evil talk’ that sends you looking for more food to feel better. Can you see the vicious cycle?

But the new me, the girl that loves the high after spin class as much or more than the candy rush, stops herself at ‘no more after this one’. This girl is proud of herself for stopping before polishing the whole box off, even if she has only spared four (and they are the kind she doesn’t like.) This girl smiles having thoroughly enjoyed her treat and knows that tomorrow morning is a new day and one where she will be running 7km while bobbing her head to Green Day’s Holiday.


  1. WOW ... simply WOW! 7 years of friendship and this post has made me the proudest of you! Way to let the demon knock at the door, way to face him and way to not let him in!

    You inspire hun .. and when I am ready, can't wait to take this step with you behind me every step of the way!


  2. Love these words, Katie. I love your attitude, and even more, I love that you are brave enough to share. <3