Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tale of the treadmill

I love the treadmill, the treadmill and I have become very good friends in the last 11 months.  I am quite proud of the relationship the old mill and I have today, its a healthy and supportive one. The treadmill and I have not always had a healthy relationship, like food, we have shared an abusive past.  When I was in my twenties and in the throws of bulimia, the treadmill and I were like friends that liked to drink too much and got ugly drunk.  I can remember going to the gym back then and being obsessed with how fast everyone else was going.  I would pretend to be looking at the TV screen to the left of me while really looking at the output on the treadmill next to me.  Now I KNOW that you have done that too, its like sneaking a peek at the rag mags in the grocery line. The only thing was, I let what everyone else was doing drive what I did.  I had to go faster and farther.  There was one haunting day in particular, where the girl next to me was just as Fracked up as I was and we had a BEEP WAR.  No word of lie we ran side by side for 30 min or so with our treadmills beeping up in speed back and forth.  It was obscene, like two college idiots sitting across from on another at a bar lining up shots to see who could drink more. I cringe when I think of the girl I was back then.
Flash forward to today, and I find myself at the gym on my trusty treadmill making friends with all the other treadmills.   I am still aware of what the other women in the gym are doing but I am silently trying to work up the nerve to approach them and tell them what a great job they have done.  It took me two weeks to work up the nerve to walk up to one lady at the gym, who I have watched transform over the last year from a chubby mom like me to a fit and strong woman.  I think I may have surprised her a little when I told her how good she looked, but I hope that my words that day made her feel as GOOD as it made me feel.  Since then, I have gotten into my cheerleader groove and have given the high five, the thumbs up and even a well deserved "YOUR AWESOME" to the women running next to me.  I wish treadmills at the gym were like Facebook and I could 'Like' and send 'Friend Requests' while working out.  I am on a mission to help empower my friends and strangers and women everywhere to feel good about themselves.  For us to help one another to run farther and faster, to be healthy and strong and ditch this weight obsession for good.

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  1. Such beautiful words and I'm so happy you and the treadmill have found a healthy relationship together. You really are inspiring and empowering and, on behalf of those ladies who just smile and nod ... THANK YOU. I wish I was brave enough to do that to others but know how great I feel when random people say something nice to me. That's usually in the pool. lol never, ever put your pompoms down.