Sunday, March 20, 2011

New kind of date for a new kind of gal (or gals)

Usually a date with a freind involves a movie, going out to dinner or even scrabooking. Today I tried out a new kind of date. I got together with my good freind Mell to check out the swanky gym she goes to. Oh my goodness this gym is a piece of heaven and it has the coolest toys to play with. Our date started with some cardio in the women's part of the club. Mell did a run while I tried out some new toys. I tried a machine that made me feel like I was part 'Robot', the stride was part climbing, stepping, running, gliding. I wish I knew what in heck it was called, it was a lot of fun! I did that for 15 min and the rode a spin bike for another 15. Then we got down on the mats side by side with medicine balls and did a killer ab workout from her iphone. It felt so good to workout with a freind and to chat and share. After we headed to the change room to grab my jacket (no tanks tops allowed in the coed section, guess they don't want us big boobed gals scarring the boys!) We ended up parking our butts on the bench there and chatted for likely a good 30 minutes. Its kind of hilarious that's were we chose to chat, I saw my fair share of boobs I tell you! Then we toured the coed part of the gym. They have the CURVE treadmill that's featured on The Biggest Looser this season. I gave it a quick go and its really hard. Then we checked out Jacob's Ladder, something I again saw on the biggest looser and have been itching to try. How cool is it that I got to give all these cool things a try? I did it for 10 min and I have to say a huge thank-you to Mell for standing there next to me urging me on and counting down for me. I would have quit at 6min if it weren't for her. Next time I will be your cheerleader :) Then the best part of the day. We went for a swim. I was pooped and really just floated while Mell swam. Then we joined up and did lazy laps talking the whole time. Girl talk while semi-swimming :) A little hot tub and a smoothie rounded out the day. I had the BEST DAY! I am still glowing! I loved having a workout buddy to try new things with and the girl talk at the same time. Thank-you so much for treating me to the day at the club and your company.


  1. can't believe I am saying this but that does sound like a great day....I really really love the idea of swimming after it all ... I was a fish in my former and hopefully future life

  2. I could see you being a Fish Heather :)