Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drum roll please.....

4:30 am on the way to the airport for the cruise.

In paradise :)

Drum roll please.....how did I fare weight wise on the cruise? Well I went to the gym today and weighed myself...are you ready? NOTHING! I weigh the same as I did before we left. Phew. LOL. I have to say I really thought I had at least eaten and slacked off enough for a 5 pounder :) When I left I said I was aiming for 4 workouts. We did 3. We ran a 5km run around the ship's deck one day. That was amazing, a once in a life time kind of experience. The next day the deck was closed because of rocky conditions so I did a 5km run on the treadmill. That was INSANE! I had to keep grabbing the handrails to keep from falling! It was so wobbly, it was incredibly hard to do. When I got off I was really nauseous for a good 30min or so. NEVER AGAIN. The next day we hit the beach in St. Marten. Did I do my Baywatch sprints? NO...LOL. I sat in the sand and played :) But just for you I will brave a pic of me in my bathing suit...middle roll and all (keeping it real here folks).

The following day I did a 40 min workout on the elliptical in the gym, where I at least had something to hold on to. That was the end of the workouts. I really envisioned having more time to myself with the kids in the kids club to workout and relax by the pool. Reality was that they did not spend much time in the club and at the end of the trip Kasey got sick. I handled it well though, I was really relaxed and just enjoyed my time with the family doing all the magical stuff. I didn't freak out about not working out. As far as the food, Ryan and I definitely indulged but certainly not the way we would have a year ago. A year ago, the cruise would have been a week long binge! We started each morning off with a sensible breakfast some sort of muesli, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit. For lunch we had an appetizer, soup/salad, and entree from a gourmet menu (but the portions were small). I often tried to choose something lighter or vegetarian. But I also enjoyed many bowls of rich cream based soup! We fed the kids around 5pm each night since our dinner seating was at 8:15. We would feed them pizza or hot dogs by the pool and well lets be honest that usually meant we had a pre dinner snack of fries and pizza too. For dinner we again would eat an appetizer, soup or salad and entree. I for some reason was really into the vegetarian dishes and Ryan always ordered fish. So even though we ate A LOT, most of what we ate was pretty nutritious. Of course after dinner came dessert! Oh the dessert was divine! We had dessert every night and it was a phenomenal. Traveling home we ate fast food. So you can see we indulged but I think the 3 days of exercise and the fact that as soon as we got back I was exercising again acted like a buffer. I worked out at my Mom's yesterday for 30 min and ran 5km this morning. Last night when we came home to a house with empty cupboards instead of ordering in junk we went to the groc store and got a low fat vegetable lasagna (seriously shocking behavior, who are these people?) Overall, I think the key to having had success in loosing some weight this past 10 months has been consistency. No matter what (26 stitches, 2nd degree burn, step throat, flu, cruise) I have kept moving.
So that being said I still weigh over 200 pounds. 208 pounds to be exact (far better than 260). I really really want to be under 200 pounds. I don't feel like a 200 pound girl anymore. I feel fit and healthy. I know the number on the scale is just that, and what I feel is much more important. But this is kind of big thing for me. I have weighed over 200 pounds for the last 10 years. So I am going to try harder, eat a little bit smarter and push it a little bit harder at the gym (in fact, this week I am going to officially register Ryan and I for the Army Half Marathon in Sept).
Who's with me?

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