Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming to a Treadmill Near You: Mind Games

You can track calories, speed, distance, and even heartrate on the treadmill display. Some treadmills even have little TV's on them so you can watch Ellen or your flavor of entertainment. On my display I watch the epic battle of the MIND GAMES. I injured myself this week taking that Firm Parts class (which I have now named broken parts) and had to spend Tuesday couched. So Wednesday when I hit the gym I told myself I would do a nice easy paced run to loosen up my sore muscles. I ran 5km and I swear for most of the first 4 while I felt good, I wrestled with myself watching the time. I wanted to go faster, I wanted to feel the burn, I wanted to post a good time on my dailymile. My body wanted me to stay on pace and do the smart thing. My mind was stuck believing there was an imaginary panel judging my performance. The last km I kicked into high gear and went for the burn. I felt so good at the end of that km, my cheeks flushed, my face hot, my heart pounding, I love that feeling. I crave it. Today I went to the gym feeling much improved since my Broken Parts class. I wanted to run 8km. I got on the treadmill and decided go big or go home you can do 10 Katie. I ran the first 5km at a great pace, faster than my usual 10km pace and I felt great. I felt AWESOME in fact, I was really into my music and I loved the way my body just felt fluid and strong. Judging by my current pace I thought I could finish the 10km in 1 hour 6 min (A freaking great time for me). Well 5km went and so did the good feeling. My knee started to feel weird. Not painful per say just weird. I slowed down. My biggest fear is a serious injury that wil prevent me from doing what I love, and I really love doing this. I vasiclated the next 5km back and forth with a slower pace and slighter faster pace depending on how my knee felt. In my mind I was so disappointed that I would not reach the 1 hour 6 min. I hate that I let myself get trapped in these negative self defeating thoughts. They are just as destructive as the old fat track that played in my head. I slowed down today and did what was right for my body. I ran 10km in 1 hour 11 min and when all was said and done I felt great! I had forgotten about the stupid time and was feeling very proud of myself. The coolest part, usually after a 10km run my body feels a bit beat down the rest of the day. Today I have felt great, no stiffness and no soreness. I did the right thing and I am getting stronger at my own pace. I think I said that when I started running that it was about MY PACE MY RACE. I think I need to get that on a T-shirt and wear it!

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  1. I think a minute 11 is freakin awesome ... and it only gets better from here. You will do it .. at your own pace. One day, we will cross the same finish line ... at our own paces. Yay you.