Monday, March 14, 2011

checking in

Law of the universe or maybe just Katie Law but every time I say I am going to focus on loosing weight my efforts seem to go wayside. LOL In my last post after tooting (hehehe) my own horn for not gaining weight on the cruise I said I wanted to focus on loosing 10 pounds. Well that week I baked cookies not once but TWICE with the kids. While I did not participate in a cookie eating free for all like I would have in the past I did eat SOME (everyday). I had a dinner party Sat night and well lets just say the dinner and desserts were very good. Sunday I found myself eating emotionally to deal with the stress of kid related CRAZINESS. I did run a 8km last week and worked out a total of 5 times. Today I have eaten OK (ie. not loose 10 pounds kind of day). I did try a new class today called Firm Parts and it was really HARD! My legs were jello after the class. That felt really good, I know crazy but I love the HURT :) I can't lift weights right now because of an elbow injury of all things so this was great as it used my own body weight. I tell you when you can't discard a 5 pound disc when the exercise is making you shake it does make you reconsider that chocolate chip cookie. Something awesome did happen today I had a great chat in the grocery store of all places with a woman that goes to the same gym. She and her hubby are running a half marathon in May. She has run a marathon in the past! (I bow done to her) Anyway we had this great chat about running and kids and mom stuff in the cleaning isle while the kids played ring around the rosie. It kind of made my day!

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  1. you always have the greatest conversations in the most random places. lol