Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney Magic

I wonder if Disney Magic extends to not gaining weight while on a cruise?

The family and I leave Friday for a 7 night cruise aboard the Disney Magic. I am beyond excited for many reasons, seeing the magic through the kids eyes, the Disney shows, swimming in the ocean, the kids club activities that will allow Ryan and I sometime to relax, and of course the food! I hear that it isn't unheard of to gain 10 pounds on a cruise, but I wonder do those people look forward to a 5km race on Castaway Cay and running on the track over looking the ocean? This is a vacation and I am not going to worry about 'watching what I eat.' Hell, I am over the moon excited about someone else preparing my meals for 7days! That being said I think this 'new' Katie will go about things a bit differently than the old me would of. For starters, Ryan and I packed our running and workout gear and actually plan on using it and are excited to do so. I think at breakfast I will try to fill myself with mostly healthy food that is packed with nutrition to power me through our busy days. I know that we need to set an example for the kids who will very much be in need of food that will power them up for their excitment filled days and nights. Although, I am sure a muffin of some sort will be part of that plan LOL. I think lunch will be the same. I see myself 'indulging' more at dinner time and dessert. Did I mention that room service brings warm cookies and milk to your room before bed? Well that's the plan going in, and I not naive to think that will change. But I know I will be making an effort to enjoy yummy healthy food with my family while also indulging in all the treats to be had. Ryan and I are hoping to 'workout' 4 days. We figure working out 4 days while on a week vacation is pretty good. I figure our island days will be non workout days, with the exception of Castaway Cay where we plan on a 5km run (and biking). But even on our island days I am sure we will find a way to stay active. I picture myself doing the BAYWATCH RUN sprints in the sand on the beach and playing tag with the kids (you had better not be laughing!) Not to mention that I am sure we will be doing a lot of walking and carrying of the children, so that's strength training and endurance right there! Regardless of what happens I am looking forward to enjoying everything that this trip has to offer and will not let myself obsess about weight while there or when I get home. If I gain a little weight so be it, after all Ryan and I have a half marathon to start training for so I am sure we can find a way to work off our cruise pounds :)

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