Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Did and We Did it Together

Ryan and I got a room at the Arc hotel to enjoy before and after the race. We checked in around 3:00 and had a chance to enjoy some 'quiet' child free time. At first it was blissful but as the clock CREPT closer to the race time we both got serious cases of the butterflies. We kept checking the clock, checking that we hadn't forgotten anything. We even tried our new jackets on and tested out where to put things in our pockets. We were crazy LOL. Finally we suited up after agonizing over how many shirts to wear underneath, and walked to the race site. It took us about 15 min to get there, a good warm up. I tried to find two of the other girls we knew running, but it was hopeless in the sea of orange. I got my play list ready to go. I always start each race off with the same song and only listen to it then, that way I save that special excitement feeling for just that song. As we began running I realized just how awesome this was, running in the dark (which I loved to do when I was younger, and always ran better in), along the canal (I thought of all the years I would see people running along the canal and think how much I wanted to be doing that), the excitement of the crowd of people all doing the same thing, running with my husband.
The first 5km was easy, we ran at a pace that felt great. At 6km I started to FEEL the effort of running, but kept the pace, at 7.5 km I thought when is this going to end. That's when I would turn and look at Ryan and know I was going to make it. With a km to go I looked at Ryan and we gave the thumbs up, we put our power songs on (Holiday by GreenDay for me) and KICKED IT! I imagined myself on the trusty treadmill amping it up to 6mph and flying. OMG it legs felt like cold lead. Once we crossed the finish line I have to admit my heart was racing faster than I have ever felt it race. But thankfully I recovered quickly because I was pretty anxious to ask Ryan what our time was. We ran Rattle Me bones in 1 hr 9 min, I thought our time tonight felt faster and was really hoping so...1hr 8min! Its a little thing and big thing...and hell yes I am proud of that :) We didn't stop at the recovery area, anxious to make it back to our hotel room and a night of fun. We walked back to the hotel to cool off, getting many stares on our way back in our bright orange jackets and race bibs (I have to admit I kind of liked it LOL). As we talked we shared our thoughts on the race, our favorite songs and when they played, our aches and pains and such. I love rehashing the race with him. When we got to the hotel we accepted a glass of sparkly wine and toasted our race. The rest of the night was spent eating, drinking, playing games and laughing harder than I ever think I have with our good friends Laurie and Dennis.

BEST BEST part of the night....Ryan said he would run the half marathon with me at the Army Run! We started last year at that race, 5km and we are going to keep on going TOGETHER!


  1. oooh katie. I cant tell you how thrilled I am for you. Your excitement and pride jumps out through your words. WELL DONE and a super, duper, crazy jumping, banchee screaming HIGH FIVE from my mental finish line. I know that this 1/2 marathon will be a breeze because you and Ryan will have eachother for support and encouragement. Yay you!

  2. I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS! I felt like i was right there with you ... you have a knack at using the right words to send the mental image! i love that this is done together ... !! You guys are strong emotionally .. now you are strong physically!

    Hugs CONGRATS and Luvs Ya!

  3. AMAZING Recap!!! Seriously, I could imagine you no problem fretting around your hotel room!!! Way to go Katie! YOU are creating this change, well done!

  4. What an awesome New Year's Katie.

    You and Ryan as so f'ing cute doing this together, sharing fav songs and glory moments. You guys are my heros!