Friday, January 28, 2011

Tales of the scale

I am writing this post while stuffing my mouth with 'Gourmet' Valentine Candy...its my very favorite mix from PC. Somehow the 'Gourmet' makes it feel less unhealthy LOL. Truthfully, I don't think there is anything wrong with some treats. Most of the food going in my pie hole is packed with a nutrition punch. The challenge for me will be NOT EATING THE WHOLE BAG! I am half way through so its time to put the breaks on!

I am having a really good morning, feeling a bit like a PEACOCK strutting it's feathers :) I ran at the gym today. I got on the treadmill with a goal of doing 2 10min miles at a 1% incline to make my earlier accomplishment this week a little more legit. I got on, warmed up and hit the 6mph speed button. Man it seemed to be flying, and my legs felt less than fluid. I was huffing, and I really did not think I could do it. I was mentally resigning myself to the fact that I was going to have do one 10 min mile and slow down and run the rest at my usual pace. Somehow somewhere I pulled every little once of UMMPHH I had in me and I ran 5km in 31min and 51 sec. That's the fastest I have every run a 5km in. I ran most of it at 10min mile pace. I can't believe I did it! Then I went and worked on some of my other goals, with the side planks, and core work. I was using everything I had to push through, so much so that a huge fart escaped during a crunch! I have no idea how loud it was because I had my earphones on...but the people around me didn't seem to react! LOL

After my workout I did the thing that I hate...I got on the scale and that's where my story starts. I got off and a lady (who I must point out was thin) asked me if it was accurate. There are two scales side by side, one of which is the old school slide the weights across kind. I jokingly said I wasn't sure but that I liked it, because I always weigh less on that scale than on the ones at other gyms. (which just goes to show you how stupid the scale is). So the lady get's on, looks serious and then get's on the other one. I don't know what possessed me but I felt the need to talk to her more. So I walked over and said something along the lines of how stupid the scale is. I said take today...I had the best run and then I get on the scale waiting for it to tell me that I did a good job. She agreed saying that she had a great workout and hates that she does this to herself. She went on to say that she weighed herself this morning too. I have a feeling that she is one of the poor souls that hops on and off all day long. I remember being like that. I remember how awful I felt about myself and how much that scale WEIGHED on me. I smiled and said something about us needing to look else where for validation like in the sweat we have pouring down our backs right now. She kind of closed up and we didn't talk anymore after that. I walked away feeling very lucky to be me, even if I do weigh over 200 pounds. I have a feeling I feel much LIGHTER than that poor lady.

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  1. Good for you. Hopefully your words gave her something to think about. I wish they would click with me. After 36 years of not owning a scale, I bought one in September afer deciding to do this on my own .. no WW. I am on that think every freakin' day. While I dont obsess about it and get the daily ups and downs of a persons weight, I am still constantly on that thing. I honestly think that it is because of the fact that I havent seen ONE change since mid October (give a few lbs up, but never down except to return to where it started). I am working out ... for nothing. I am eating healthier ... for nothing. No weight loss. No inches lost.

    Okay - i know its not 'for nothing' but progress after 3 months would be nice, regardless of how minimal. I dont know what I can do differently. I just know that, right now, I need to get on that scale every morning to make sure I havent gone up (again) all while squeezing my eyes shut hoping for that one pound lost. I really think results will get me off that thing. Actually, I know it will.

    Enjoy your PC treat. You have definitely earned it.