Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Food

Riding the New Year Train of motivation and hope I have been going strong on making some changes to my diet. Some simple things that are really helping me feel better, fuller, and stronger.

The first thing, is a big thing for me, BREAKFAST. I had been using the Arbone shakes and while they really helped and worked for me they were very expensive and this stay at home mom just didn't have it in the budget long term. So this week I have been making OATMEAL. Funny thing is I started last new years off this way too. Only last year I would sit a pot of oatmeal out at night in water with some lemon juice or yogurt to break it down, and then would have to cook it in the morning. It was having to cook it in the morning that soon had me back on the muffins and bagels. So this year I have discovered the miracle of CROC POT OATMEAL! I set it up before bed and voila breaky is ready in the morning. I love that oatmeal fills me up, and keeps me full all morning.

I have also discovered the YUMMINESS of homemade HUMMUS. I am loving the simplicty of mashed up chickpeas, some olive oil, cumin, and garlic. I love dipping mini WW pitas in it, carrots and cucumbers. This is a great snack for me. I am also eating almonds, I am in love with almonds. Oh and edamame, so yummy and the kids love it too.

Lunches are either a homemade soup or chili leftovers, or a turkey sandwich on dark rye bread.

Dinner is a appropriate sized serving of what I make for the family.

Oh and this is huge to0...ready...I AM DRINKING MILK! I have only ever had milk when pregnant. But I am craving it now! I drink with my lunch, and I even drink it as a snack. Its great before bed when I am slightly hungry and don't want to fall into the snack pit.

If I look at what I have eaten this week, its full of nutrious food. Almost everything I have eaten has been packed with nutrition and fuel. I have been HUNGRY. I find that when I am doing pump I am especially hungry. So I hope that I am fueling myself well. I am going to go with this and see how it goes. I am trying to stick to the EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY and STOP WHEN YOUR FULL. I think if I can truly do that I will be fine. If I find myself not loosing weight then I will reevaluate and see if I am taking in too much (most likely I will find that I am eating when not hungry). I know I still need more fruit and vegetables and must work on that. But for now this is a great start and so much better than the mostly sugar diet of December.

Do you have any favorite go to healthy foods? or tips?

PS. update on my fat day :) I had a great run yetserday morning and felt immediately better about myself. I also took a risk and got on the scale at the gym. Those of you that have been with me here on the blog know I threw my scale out, but I do use the one at the gym once a week (once a week only, that is key!) I use the scale once a week to see my progress and keep myself honest. Checking in once a week at the gym keeps me from the crazy scale hopping at home. So I got on yesterday and I was the same as before Christmas. I haven't gained any weight from the holiday food frenzy. I have to say that was a relief! Goes to show you what moving your booty will do! I definitely indulged over the holidays but it wasn't a free for all like past years and I kept my usual level of activity up. So I will call that SUCCESS :)

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