Friday, January 7, 2011


I did something very unlike me today. I did a yoga class today. Do you remember this post on my last attempt at yoga? I woke up this morning feeling like trying something different, a bit bored of the usual options and thought why not YOGA (I was also hoping to try a class in the future with Mell at her swanky new gym). I went in expecting to hate it, to have to fight with myself to stay in the class and not walk out. I was also curious to see if having a little less junk in the way and being stronger would make a difference.
Well I LOVED IT! I was able to hold most of the poses. I was even able to do a few of the advanced options. There were positions I could not do. It was a CHALLENGE, but a very good challenge. I felt so strong! I kept thinking to myself...HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. I left the class felling so strong and good about myself. How on earth did I ever spend so many years on the couch, inactive and unhappy.
I hope to never loose this feeling. This feeling of health, strength, HOPE, power, and happiness is such a gift to have given myself.


  1. love everything about this post :)
    love you too!

  2. I also love this post and your blog in general. I have been meaning to tell you that you look absolutely fantastic and you have really inspired me to become active again. I have taken up yoga and running again - although I am not anywhere near your level of running!!!