Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clothing and difficult week

For starters this has been a rough week. I have a sick 4 year old and now a sick 2 year old at home. Its Thursday and I haven't been to the gym yet during the day this week. I did a pump class Tuesday night. (Monday I tried to workout, drove to the gym in the evening, couldn't get a good parking spot and drove home.) So I have taken Monday and Wednesday as my two days off. I aim for 5-6 workouts a week. So that means that I have to work out every day from here on in. Today...I will sneak off to the gym for a quick run as soon as Ryan gets home. Friday I will have to workout at home. I think I will do Bob Harper workout challenges from his site. Work on some from toe push ups! Its all about making it work right.

Onto other things. Our family is going on a DISNEY CRUISE (DREAM OF A LIFETIME) at the end of February. Last night I went through my closet to see what I have to wear. I bought most of my current 'summer' wear on a shopping trip to the states last year. I spent a good chunk of coin on some beautiful clothes at Layne Bryant. Well those clothes are falling off me now. Good I guess :) right? But now what do I wear on the cruise? I guess I have some shopping to do.
But here's my real dilemma, what do I do with the clothes that do not fit? I feel like I should keep them in case I gain weight. BUT WAIT A you want to feel like that again? Can you imagine living a couch potato life again? Don't you LOVE feeling strong and fit and keeping up with your kids? But what IF something happens? What if I get hurt and can't work out...what if....
Then there is this embarrassing truth. I lost weight on WW a few years ago and gave my old clothes to a freind. Then a year later I gained all the weight back and nothing fit. Now the clothing I gave my freind still didn't fit her, so I asked for it back...OH MY GOSH IT WAS AWFUL TO DO THAT...thank goodness she is such a good freind or it would have been even more horrible.
So you can see why I am reluctant to empty my closet of my 'bigger' clothes. Then the rational side of me thinks, you have these beautiful clothes that are not being used.


  1. What size and how falling off you are they? Maybe some of the items can be taken to a seamstress and altered? Maybe I can buy some of you depending on what the summer brings. lol

    I have the same dilemma. I am not there yet but do have a few pieces that I should get rid of because they just dont look great anymore. (did they ever?) I thought about tossing them into the back of the closet but came to the conclusion that I am just going to get rid of them. My goal is to go down, down, down so, if I go up, my punishment is spending money on fatty clothes. BUT...

    Don't look back to the past habits and patterns. Look ahead. See the future and your healthy self in it. You may have failed before but you are succeeding in a way that you never have. You are active. You are fit. It's not all just about healthy food and eating right this time. This time it is lungs, heart and soul. Your body cries to work out ... and the bodies of your family will have the same cry because this time you are doing it TOGETHER. Much different place than before hun. You wont go back because this time you have found a new way of living.

  2. on another note ... there is always consignment shops. You will at least recoup some money that way. Or Kijiji/Used Ottawa. Either way, dont hold on to the past. Free yourself for the future. (((HUGS)))

  3. i sooo agree with what Melissa said - GET RID OF THEM.

    that was the "old" are so so so not that person this time around. you have found what works for you. you will never need those clothes again. period. end of story. thinking otherwise is setting yourself up for failure and holding onto them is keeping clutter and negativity in your house. SET YOURSELF FREE....


  4. totally agree with you gals - take them to a consignment store and use the money to buy new clothes: new year, new you, new clothes. You DESERVE it girl :