Sunday, January 16, 2011


I finally tried the Body Attack class at the gym today. Ryan came with me but snuck out about 8 min in, I guess he didn't like 'grapevines'. The class wasn't quite what I thought it would be. Both Ryan and I thought it would be more like a Boot Camp Circuit like class. The class was a lot more 'Aerobic' in nature. The choreography wasn't to bad, for this two left feet girl but it did have more fancy moves that I liked. It was a hard class, it had my heart rate soaring! I wore two bras and my boobs were still bouncing all over and that kind of hurt. I thought I had those beasts tied down, but I guess not when comes to ATTACK. LOL. It was tough, lots of power moves, quick changes on the feet, high impact. But I kind of liked it. I want to give it another go before I make up my mind for good. Overall I have to say my favorite workouts are running, spin and pump. But you have to mix it up right?

So I was thinking about the new year ahead and what kind of fitness goals I want to make and came up with this list.

Master the plank moves, like side planks, and using wights with the plank (think level 3 shred)
Be able to do 10 from toes pushups
Run a half marathon with Ryan
Run a 10 min mile
Try anti gravity yoga with Mell :)
Enter the Dragon Boat race with Eva and Ryan
Stretch MORE!

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  1. love your fitness goals.
    Me ... saw a personal trainer yesterday - - then left thinking NFW!!! At $260+/month for the basics ... uh uh! Think Jillian or that other guy would come see me pro bono? lol