Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 min mile

I made one of my New Year's Goals today! YEAH ME :) LOL

I wanted to run one mile in 10 min. I did it today, in fact I ran 2. I ran the whole 5km in 32min 25sec. (shhhhh I didn't use an incline on the treadmill though LOL, man was it easier) Even though I ran on a flat treadmill, I will say that I tried running a 10 min mile no incline before Christmas and could not keep the pace. So today was a huge improvement. So next up...10min mile pace for the whole 5km on a 1% incline. The treadmill and I are going to be friends until this snow is gone.

Ryan however has been running outside a lot. He has some buddies he runs with at lunch time and has been going 2-3 times a week. He even ran on that really really really cold day. He said his 'MAN PART' was freezing. LOL Today when he went out I told him he should wear a sock :) LOL

At dinner tonight I was telling Ryan that I thought we should run the a 5km on the May Race weekend, that it could be a fun easy race before getting 'serious' about training for the half. He looked at me said we should do the 10km. HA! He said that should be our new easy. I have created a Monster :) LOL So a 10 it will be. Guess I have to start logging some more miles...after the cruise :) wink.


  1. i love that you have reached your goal. so happy for you and your monster, ryan.

  2. You are so funny! Wear a sock!! LOL

    Great job on reaching your goal! And it is only JANUARY!! You rock :o)