Friday, January 28, 2011

Tales of the scale

I am writing this post while stuffing my mouth with 'Gourmet' Valentine Candy...its my very favorite mix from PC. Somehow the 'Gourmet' makes it feel less unhealthy LOL. Truthfully, I don't think there is anything wrong with some treats. Most of the food going in my pie hole is packed with a nutrition punch. The challenge for me will be NOT EATING THE WHOLE BAG! I am half way through so its time to put the breaks on!

I am having a really good morning, feeling a bit like a PEACOCK strutting it's feathers :) I ran at the gym today. I got on the treadmill with a goal of doing 2 10min miles at a 1% incline to make my earlier accomplishment this week a little more legit. I got on, warmed up and hit the 6mph speed button. Man it seemed to be flying, and my legs felt less than fluid. I was huffing, and I really did not think I could do it. I was mentally resigning myself to the fact that I was going to have do one 10 min mile and slow down and run the rest at my usual pace. Somehow somewhere I pulled every little once of UMMPHH I had in me and I ran 5km in 31min and 51 sec. That's the fastest I have every run a 5km in. I ran most of it at 10min mile pace. I can't believe I did it! Then I went and worked on some of my other goals, with the side planks, and core work. I was using everything I had to push through, so much so that a huge fart escaped during a crunch! I have no idea how loud it was because I had my earphones on...but the people around me didn't seem to react! LOL

After my workout I did the thing that I hate...I got on the scale and that's where my story starts. I got off and a lady (who I must point out was thin) asked me if it was accurate. There are two scales side by side, one of which is the old school slide the weights across kind. I jokingly said I wasn't sure but that I liked it, because I always weigh less on that scale than on the ones at other gyms. (which just goes to show you how stupid the scale is). So the lady get's on, looks serious and then get's on the other one. I don't know what possessed me but I felt the need to talk to her more. So I walked over and said something along the lines of how stupid the scale is. I said take today...I had the best run and then I get on the scale waiting for it to tell me that I did a good job. She agreed saying that she had a great workout and hates that she does this to herself. She went on to say that she weighed herself this morning too. I have a feeling that she is one of the poor souls that hops on and off all day long. I remember being like that. I remember how awful I felt about myself and how much that scale WEIGHED on me. I smiled and said something about us needing to look else where for validation like in the sweat we have pouring down our backs right now. She kind of closed up and we didn't talk anymore after that. I walked away feeling very lucky to be me, even if I do weigh over 200 pounds. I have a feeling I feel much LIGHTER than that poor lady.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 min mile

I made one of my New Year's Goals today! YEAH ME :) LOL

I wanted to run one mile in 10 min. I did it today, in fact I ran 2. I ran the whole 5km in 32min 25sec. (shhhhh I didn't use an incline on the treadmill though LOL, man was it easier) Even though I ran on a flat treadmill, I will say that I tried running a 10 min mile no incline before Christmas and could not keep the pace. So today was a huge improvement. So next up...10min mile pace for the whole 5km on a 1% incline. The treadmill and I are going to be friends until this snow is gone.

Ryan however has been running outside a lot. He has some buddies he runs with at lunch time and has been going 2-3 times a week. He even ran on that really really really cold day. He said his 'MAN PART' was freezing. LOL Today when he went out I told him he should wear a sock :) LOL

At dinner tonight I was telling Ryan that I thought we should run the a 5km on the May Race weekend, that it could be a fun easy race before getting 'serious' about training for the half. He looked at me said we should do the 10km. HA! He said that should be our new easy. I have created a Monster :) LOL So a 10 it will be. Guess I have to start logging some more miles...after the cruise :) wink.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clothing and difficult week

For starters this has been a rough week. I have a sick 4 year old and now a sick 2 year old at home. Its Thursday and I haven't been to the gym yet during the day this week. I did a pump class Tuesday night. (Monday I tried to workout, drove to the gym in the evening, couldn't get a good parking spot and drove home.) So I have taken Monday and Wednesday as my two days off. I aim for 5-6 workouts a week. So that means that I have to work out every day from here on in. Today...I will sneak off to the gym for a quick run as soon as Ryan gets home. Friday I will have to workout at home. I think I will do Bob Harper workout challenges from his site. Work on some from toe push ups! Its all about making it work right.

Onto other things. Our family is going on a DISNEY CRUISE (DREAM OF A LIFETIME) at the end of February. Last night I went through my closet to see what I have to wear. I bought most of my current 'summer' wear on a shopping trip to the states last year. I spent a good chunk of coin on some beautiful clothes at Layne Bryant. Well those clothes are falling off me now. Good I guess :) right? But now what do I wear on the cruise? I guess I have some shopping to do.
But here's my real dilemma, what do I do with the clothes that do not fit? I feel like I should keep them in case I gain weight. BUT WAIT A you want to feel like that again? Can you imagine living a couch potato life again? Don't you LOVE feeling strong and fit and keeping up with your kids? But what IF something happens? What if I get hurt and can't work out...what if....
Then there is this embarrassing truth. I lost weight on WW a few years ago and gave my old clothes to a freind. Then a year later I gained all the weight back and nothing fit. Now the clothing I gave my freind still didn't fit her, so I asked for it back...OH MY GOSH IT WAS AWFUL TO DO THAT...thank goodness she is such a good freind or it would have been even more horrible.
So you can see why I am reluctant to empty my closet of my 'bigger' clothes. Then the rational side of me thinks, you have these beautiful clothes that are not being used.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I finally tried the Body Attack class at the gym today. Ryan came with me but snuck out about 8 min in, I guess he didn't like 'grapevines'. The class wasn't quite what I thought it would be. Both Ryan and I thought it would be more like a Boot Camp Circuit like class. The class was a lot more 'Aerobic' in nature. The choreography wasn't to bad, for this two left feet girl but it did have more fancy moves that I liked. It was a hard class, it had my heart rate soaring! I wore two bras and my boobs were still bouncing all over and that kind of hurt. I thought I had those beasts tied down, but I guess not when comes to ATTACK. LOL. It was tough, lots of power moves, quick changes on the feet, high impact. But I kind of liked it. I want to give it another go before I make up my mind for good. Overall I have to say my favorite workouts are running, spin and pump. But you have to mix it up right?

So I was thinking about the new year ahead and what kind of fitness goals I want to make and came up with this list.

Master the plank moves, like side planks, and using wights with the plank (think level 3 shred)
Be able to do 10 from toes pushups
Run a half marathon with Ryan
Run a 10 min mile
Try anti gravity yoga with Mell :)
Enter the Dragon Boat race with Eva and Ryan
Stretch MORE!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I did something very unlike me today. I did a yoga class today. Do you remember this post on my last attempt at yoga? I woke up this morning feeling like trying something different, a bit bored of the usual options and thought why not YOGA (I was also hoping to try a class in the future with Mell at her swanky new gym). I went in expecting to hate it, to have to fight with myself to stay in the class and not walk out. I was also curious to see if having a little less junk in the way and being stronger would make a difference.
Well I LOVED IT! I was able to hold most of the poses. I was even able to do a few of the advanced options. There were positions I could not do. It was a CHALLENGE, but a very good challenge. I felt so strong! I kept thinking to myself...HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. I left the class felling so strong and good about myself. How on earth did I ever spend so many years on the couch, inactive and unhappy.
I hope to never loose this feeling. This feeling of health, strength, HOPE, power, and happiness is such a gift to have given myself.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Food

Riding the New Year Train of motivation and hope I have been going strong on making some changes to my diet. Some simple things that are really helping me feel better, fuller, and stronger.

The first thing, is a big thing for me, BREAKFAST. I had been using the Arbone shakes and while they really helped and worked for me they were very expensive and this stay at home mom just didn't have it in the budget long term. So this week I have been making OATMEAL. Funny thing is I started last new years off this way too. Only last year I would sit a pot of oatmeal out at night in water with some lemon juice or yogurt to break it down, and then would have to cook it in the morning. It was having to cook it in the morning that soon had me back on the muffins and bagels. So this year I have discovered the miracle of CROC POT OATMEAL! I set it up before bed and voila breaky is ready in the morning. I love that oatmeal fills me up, and keeps me full all morning.

I have also discovered the YUMMINESS of homemade HUMMUS. I am loving the simplicty of mashed up chickpeas, some olive oil, cumin, and garlic. I love dipping mini WW pitas in it, carrots and cucumbers. This is a great snack for me. I am also eating almonds, I am in love with almonds. Oh and edamame, so yummy and the kids love it too.

Lunches are either a homemade soup or chili leftovers, or a turkey sandwich on dark rye bread.

Dinner is a appropriate sized serving of what I make for the family.

Oh and this is huge to0...ready...I AM DRINKING MILK! I have only ever had milk when pregnant. But I am craving it now! I drink with my lunch, and I even drink it as a snack. Its great before bed when I am slightly hungry and don't want to fall into the snack pit.

If I look at what I have eaten this week, its full of nutrious food. Almost everything I have eaten has been packed with nutrition and fuel. I have been HUNGRY. I find that when I am doing pump I am especially hungry. So I hope that I am fueling myself well. I am going to go with this and see how it goes. I am trying to stick to the EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY and STOP WHEN YOUR FULL. I think if I can truly do that I will be fine. If I find myself not loosing weight then I will reevaluate and see if I am taking in too much (most likely I will find that I am eating when not hungry). I know I still need more fruit and vegetables and must work on that. But for now this is a great start and so much better than the mostly sugar diet of December.

Do you have any favorite go to healthy foods? or tips?

PS. update on my fat day :) I had a great run yetserday morning and felt immediately better about myself. I also took a risk and got on the scale at the gym. Those of you that have been with me here on the blog know I threw my scale out, but I do use the one at the gym once a week (once a week only, that is key!) I use the scale once a week to see my progress and keep myself honest. Checking in once a week at the gym keeps me from the crazy scale hopping at home. So I got on yesterday and I was the same as before Christmas. I haven't gained any weight from the holiday food frenzy. I have to say that was a relief! Goes to show you what moving your booty will do! I definitely indulged over the holidays but it wasn't a free for all like past years and I kept my usual level of activity up. So I will call that SUCCESS :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The oh so not awesome FAT DAY

I am having a FAT day. I feel FAT...bluhh, loose, hang-y, full, ugly. I hate that. How can I run a 10 km less than a week ago, make a personal best, exercise through the holidays, and yes EAT A LOT, but better than past holidays and still feel like this. I guess its just part of being normal, human and a girl. So instead of beating myself up or even worse turning to food to feel better I am going to the gym. I have a feeling that after accomplishing a workout and seeing just how strong and fit my body is, it will be hard to feel fat.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pump me up

I took a pump class this morning, its been a LONG time since I have done pump maybe 6 weeks? First of all it FELT REALLY GOOD to go back. Second of all, I am glad I went with lighter weights than usual because at some points my arms and legs were shaking a bit. When I first started working out 6 months or so ago, I did pump twice a week. I really believe that pump helped changed the shape of my body, especially in my arms, shoulders and back. But since taking a break I have noticed the loss of tone in those areas. With our family Disney Cruise coming up at the end of February I thought it would be fun to see if I can get 'MY' version of bathing suit ready :) So my goal is to PUMP twice a week,along with the usual running, spinning and other exercise.

A bonus today too, the instructor teaching the class was an old freind. How cool is that! With any luck maybe I will now have two Gym Buddies.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Did and We Did it Together

Ryan and I got a room at the Arc hotel to enjoy before and after the race. We checked in around 3:00 and had a chance to enjoy some 'quiet' child free time. At first it was blissful but as the clock CREPT closer to the race time we both got serious cases of the butterflies. We kept checking the clock, checking that we hadn't forgotten anything. We even tried our new jackets on and tested out where to put things in our pockets. We were crazy LOL. Finally we suited up after agonizing over how many shirts to wear underneath, and walked to the race site. It took us about 15 min to get there, a good warm up. I tried to find two of the other girls we knew running, but it was hopeless in the sea of orange. I got my play list ready to go. I always start each race off with the same song and only listen to it then, that way I save that special excitement feeling for just that song. As we began running I realized just how awesome this was, running in the dark (which I loved to do when I was younger, and always ran better in), along the canal (I thought of all the years I would see people running along the canal and think how much I wanted to be doing that), the excitement of the crowd of people all doing the same thing, running with my husband.
The first 5km was easy, we ran at a pace that felt great. At 6km I started to FEEL the effort of running, but kept the pace, at 7.5 km I thought when is this going to end. That's when I would turn and look at Ryan and know I was going to make it. With a km to go I looked at Ryan and we gave the thumbs up, we put our power songs on (Holiday by GreenDay for me) and KICKED IT! I imagined myself on the trusty treadmill amping it up to 6mph and flying. OMG it legs felt like cold lead. Once we crossed the finish line I have to admit my heart was racing faster than I have ever felt it race. But thankfully I recovered quickly because I was pretty anxious to ask Ryan what our time was. We ran Rattle Me bones in 1 hr 9 min, I thought our time tonight felt faster and was really hoping so...1hr 8min! Its a little thing and big thing...and hell yes I am proud of that :) We didn't stop at the recovery area, anxious to make it back to our hotel room and a night of fun. We walked back to the hotel to cool off, getting many stares on our way back in our bright orange jackets and race bibs (I have to admit I kind of liked it LOL). As we talked we shared our thoughts on the race, our favorite songs and when they played, our aches and pains and such. I love rehashing the race with him. When we got to the hotel we accepted a glass of sparkly wine and toasted our race. The rest of the night was spent eating, drinking, playing games and laughing harder than I ever think I have with our good friends Laurie and Dennis.

BEST BEST part of the night....Ryan said he would run the half marathon with me at the Army Run! We started last year at that race, 5km and we are going to keep on going TOGETHER!