Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar and the Holy Spirit

I am having one of those days. I couldn't get to the gym today for a variety of reasons, two of which involved driving to the other end of the city to do some good deeds. The girls and I were at the mall for dinner and I ate fries with the WORKS...VEGGIE WORKS which is cheese, sour cream, and green onions...I guess the green onions make it VEGGIE LOL. Our ride home was horrible. I was stressed driving in the dark, the girls were misbehaving and I took two wrong turns while YELLING at them to stop YELLING. Needless to say when we go home I was stressed. It was my night off from putting the kids to bed and instead I volunteered to do it and let Ryan go to the gym for a workout. I soon found myself in front of the sugar cookies we baked eating two of them. It wasn't long before the old self loathing kicked in and the metal berating. The devil at work. I put the kids to bed and settled in when the phone rang. I got a call tonight with inspiration and motivation from the most unlikely of sources. We had a great talk and I hung up the phone feeling much better. A little while passed and they called back....having thought of something else to say....its hard to explain this but while we were talking it was like we were holding a match on fire (that being the holy spirit) and by the end of our conversation it was the OLYMPIC TORCH. I truly felt the HOLY SPIRIT at work today. I know it sounds hokey poky...but its alive in me and it feels GREAT..and I have missed that feeling :)

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