Sunday, December 19, 2010

I made it into the dress

Last night was Ryan's Christmas party. I had been looking forward to this night for sometime, the chance to dress up and go out with ADULTS and PARTY :) It was also a special night for me in that dressing up in a form fitting dress was a chance to show myself how far I had come. I must say that with my spanx on and my nylons and high heels (first time in high heels in almost 2 years!) I felt pretty darn good. We parked really far from the event and I was thankful for my new found strong body that was able to hike it in tall heels like a pro. I enjoyed an awesome dinner, lots of red wine, and good company. I did learn one down fall to wearing spanx that being that every time I went to the washroom they became harder and harder to wrestle back into. Near the end of the night I even considered ditching them all together. But I was afraid I would explode out of my dress! LOL
I must confess today has been a rough day, I went to bed at 3:30 last night, having consumed much to much wine. I have felt hungover all day and have medicated the feeling with McDonalds, sugar juices, and more crap. I fear if I tried to put that dress on tonight even the power of spanx could not help me. Back to the gym tomorrow though, and working on my next milestone the New Year's Resolution Run.

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  1. yahoo to you. you look fabulous. next year spanx wont even be needed!