Friday, December 31, 2010

Going out with a Bang

I love this picture taken Christmas Eve. When I look at it I see a healthy mom, at ease with herself, having fun holding her crazy kid. This picture makes me smile :)

This has been a wonderful year. Tonight Ryan and I finish it off with a bang running the Brita Resolution Run, 10km. Last year at this time I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that we would be doing that.

Last year I was thinking that I needed to get healthy, and make changes. Like any new year, my list of new year's resolutions included getting fit and loosing weight. I even started an online class in Jan about health and scrapbooking. It was a bit of a joke. Aside from a few cool journalling exercises it was a bit of a flop, mostly on my part. I had a lot of false starts in the begging of the year, including this blog. My dear friend and I came up with the idea for the blog. I thought it was an awesome idea to write and do right by my body and soul. It took me a very long time to actually get into the blog. I just wasn't ready. I was stuck in my black and white thinking, I was stuck in a tired, overweight body, I was trapped in my mind. It took taking something like 6 pregnancy tests in less than a week for to me realize just how consumed and crazy I was. I blogged and the journey here began.

I started moving. I moved a lot. I breathed, sweated, gasped, jumped, stretched, I even ran. I ran for 10 min, then 20, then 30...1mile...2 km...5km...10. As I moved I wanted to eat better, I fueled my body. I didn't DIEt. I enjoyed food. Most of all I have really enjoyed exercising. Truly. At the end of a spin class one day the instructor said "this feeling right now (that post workout sweat, glow, rush) don't ever take it for granted!" That really stuck with me. I am thankful not only for my bodies ability to do this but my minds ability too. Its not just physical limitations that can keep you from exercising, the 'disability' of the mind is just as real and far more common. When I start a workout I usually say a little prayer...I thank God for my body's ability to do this, for being able to go to the gym (I am so thankful for that), and for my children being taken care of while I do this.

Best of all, I have not traveled this path alone. My husband, Ryan, has been there with me. I can't tell you how much this has changed 'us' and 'our family'. Just the other day while driving home from Christmas Ryan said to me that "Right Now we are living the best years of our lives!" He is so right, and I for one want to make the most of them being fit and healthy. Our new weekend routine is a family trip to the gym on Sat mornings. This summer we pulled the kids in the bike trailer all over the place enjoying the summer and fall. Then there is the 'us' part. Let me tell you there is a whole lot of squeezes and kisses and admiring of each others ASSests :) LOL Its amazing how much your 'love' life changes when you feel good about yourself. AMAZING!

This year has also brought a lot of healing. I have reconnected with friends. I have asked for forgiveness and kindly been given forgiveness. I have made new friends and enjoyed my good friends. I have had the AHA moments, and done battle with my inner demons so to speak.

So 2011 what will you bring?

I want to slow down and let go off the not so important things. I want to enjoy my children as a stay at home Mom while I can. I want my family and I to play and explore.

I want to enjoy my hubby and share things with him. I want to go on romantic dates, double dates, find fun active things like Dragon Boat racing to do. I want to to listen to him, and talk. I want to enjoy his music.

I want to make my own dreams come true...I want to write and I want to run a half marathon.

I want to always feel this happy and grateful.

2011.....are you ready?


  1. Katie- what a great post. As you know, you are inspiring- and I hope that one little bit of your new found energy rubs off on me.

    For 2011, I would like to continue to make sacrifices in order to do the finer things in life (in my opinion) and to let go of what others think about this opinion. I too, hope to try to get healthier and to set realistic goals for mind, body and soul.

    Thank you for this blog. Keep writing.

  2. You make my heart soar Katie! SOAR!

    Love you to bits and pieces .. and I can't wait for 2011 .. and I can't wait to indulge in our friendship that much more, share stories, inspire, laugh and cry, scrap and create and JUST BE ARSEWIPES!!

    You are more than a friend to me .. you feed my soul!

    BRING IT ON 2011! LOL

  3. you made me cry :(

    this is the most amazing post - so amazing because every single day i can see this incredible transformation in you - both inside and out.

    you are so incredibly inspirational to so many people...most of all to YOURSELF and your family. what an incredible example you are setting for your girls...

    i want to be just like you when i grow up :)

    most of all you have been an incredible friend this year and i THANK YOU FOR THAT...

    love you tons
    hugs and spreads