Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dreaded Injury

The thing I have been dreading has happened...an injury. I have a pulled muscle or something in my neck and shoulders and its very painful. I think it happened last Friday when I was pulling the kids in the sled to school, compounded with bad sleep position and general overuse in lifting weights in class. Saturday I woke up in a great deal of pain, the day of Ryan's gala of all days. I booked a 75 minute theraputic massage. The therapist was amazing and spent most of her time working on my neck and shoulders. It wasn't the relaxing massage I am used to, it hurt most of the time. But it did help. She also said that the tendons in my ankles we very tight and I have been sore there too. She gave me a stern lecture on stretching more (and I admit I am not very good at this, I am too impatient) and stopping when I feel pain.
Here's the funny thing about how I got hurt. I got hurt outside of the gym and not during a workout. I got hurt on a day when I had to WALK the kids to school because I locked the keys in the car. I hate winter. I hate the snow. I hate being outside. I was an unhappy camper walking them to school. Too try and make the most of it I loaded them in the sled and pretended I was in a BIGGEST LOOSER CHALLENGE...and I pulled that sleigh like immunity depended on it. Yep I got hurt being an idiot LOL.
So Sunday I was hungover and obviously took the day off working out. I also took Monday off even though I was feeling quite a bit better (although my calves are very tight from hiking around in very high heels for the first time in 2 years). This morning I had planned on doing a PUMP class, but somehow I don't think lifting a heavy weighted bar is going to be a good thing. I do need to get a work out in though, so I think a light easy run today will do the trick. I will see how the day goes and maybe a trip to the chiro will be in order this evening. I hope to be pain free soon because this sucks (now when I sneeze I not only have to worry about not peeing my pants, but the dreaded OUCH that HURTS!)
PS. I look like my mom walking around with my heating pad on my neck :)

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