Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back at er

Pictures taken today because I am feeling very relieved after a 6 day break from the gym. I am feeling almost healthy again today and went to the gym. I had an easy run, did 5km in 48min, 58sec. I even got on the scale today and have lost 36 pounds since May. I have gone from a size 22 to a 16. I thought these pictures were good comparisons. I have lost weight in my tummy area in the last month. I can't believe I am sharing side pictures with you GASP!. I am sucking it in like there is no tomorrow in both pictures and holding me breath!. But even then there is a difference between now and August. The picture below is from my first day at he gym in May.

So I survived being sick and away from the gym. The world did not fall apart and I didn't either. I had a good run today. I didn't feel as strong as I normal do, but that was to be expected. It wasn't a hard run either though. I have noticed two things in the last month about my weight loss.
1. I am loosing weight...DUH:) But no really I am more now then before. I think its the spinning I have been doing, its a CALORIE TORCHER.
2. I may be loosing weight but I am getting VERY FLABBY!!! Naked I look disgusting. My stomach HANGS all deflated...the pouch hangs boobs..oh my beloved boobs...they hang even more than before and have deflated some too (they don't fill my bra as they used to). I have been doing a lot more cardio in my workouts and less strength training and you can see it.
So this month I have a 10km race at the end of Dec (in the snow). I do need to prepare for that firstly, and my second focus is going to be strength and toning.
So as Kasey would say....TA DA!!!!!!!


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  1. good for you. you look fab!!! I cant wait to be able to say that I went down 6 pants sizes ... even if that means I will still have 6 more to go. lol Keep up the great work.