Monday, November 29, 2010

Sick and feeling anxious

I am sick. Tired of being sick.

Today my glands are swollen and sore and I can barely swallow. I am going to go see the Dr. today. Its been 2 weeks now of either being sick myself or having sick kids to take care of. We have gone through a stomach bug and barfs, and now colds, and not sure what this is Strep Throat??

I have not worked out since Friday, and I wasn't feeling well Friday so all I did was 20 min. The week before I missed days being sick.

I am feeling anxious about not working out. I am afraid of what it will feel like when I get back to the gym. How much 'fitness' will I have lost. Ryan and I have a 10km race at the end of Dec in the freaking snow.

I think what is saving me from gaining weight is that I feel so sick that I have no appetite and haven't been eating much (well compared to normal LOL). That alone says how sick I must feel. I never loose my appetite!

Here's to turning the corner soon....please.

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