Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Muffins and decisions...

I made muffins today. Somewhat healthy muffins but when you eat 3 I think they loose some of the healthy factor. I love muffins. I would go into the pits of hell for a muffin. Making them this morning seemed like a good idea, the kids had fun, and it cheered up a sick little Kasey. But now the muffins are calling me. I will have to put them away and not touch them anymore. One bite will lead to 4 whole muffins. I know myself. I am like a drug addict around these babies. So I will take my 3 and move on.

Which leads me to what's next for me. I have been working out for just over 5.5 months. I have gone from a Size 22 to being able to wear some of my size 16 clothes. I am close to my WW weight (I snuck on the scale at the gym the other day). I am doing really well in the fitness dept. I am pushing myself hard and getting stronger and fitter each step of the way. I really enjoy working out. Its not hard for me.
What is hard is the food. I have made many changes in regards to the food and yet I have not changed many things.
I still eat all the things I love, muffins, candy cane cheese cake, choc, mashed potatoes, pizza etc. I am having a high protein shake most mornings. I am choosing a healthy lunch most days. I have trouble snacking in the afternoon, mostly out of boredom, habit, or stress. For dinner I try to eat a proper portion of whatever I make. I am making dinner most of the time now, and eating out far less. I enjoy my treats in the evenings.
I could do better in the food dept. I could loose more weight by doing this.

So do I?

So far I have lost weight slowly and steadily. I have done quite well with the not getting trapped into the black and white DIEt thinking that in the past has done me so much harm.
I have been happy, I have enjoyed, I haven't been denied.


But I would like to break 20o pounds. Even if I weighed 199 pounds for the rest of my life, I would be very happy with that. I weigh about 223 pounds now. At this weight I dare say some days I feel skinny LOL. Yes an over 200 pound woman just said somedays she feels skinny! But I do. And I don't hate looking in the mirror anymore (well clothed that is naked is a whole other story). I enjoy buying new clothes.

So is the effort to break that 200 worth it? I have a shirt in my closet that I LOVE!!!! I bought it when I was WW years ago and never fit into it. I would love to wear that shirt!

I will not DIEt. Will not Can not!

But I am able to make more changes and do better.

I think its time. I think its time to bring my A Game :) Within reason of course because I am still going enjoy all my 'treats' especially Christmas treats but I don't think I need to enjoy them everyday.

So here we go :)

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  1. Good for you, Katie! Good for you for not falling into the trap you've been stuck in before. Good for you for recognizing how much progress you've made instead of dwelling on the numbers and what you *haven't* done yet. Because you need to be good to yourself. You need to take care of yourself. You need to do it for YOU. And maybe a little for the girls too.

    You are awesome. Don't ever forget that, my friend. xo