Friday, November 5, 2010

Lacing up my running shoes

I am heading to my parents in Norland (cottage country) for the weekend, which means that to get my workout in I need to lace up my running shoes for an EEEK OUTDOOR RUN. I had my first run (5km) last night since running Rattle Me Bones 2 weeks ago (don't worry I have still been working out hard doing other stuff). It was an indoor run on the treadmill, with no wind or cold air to aggravate my asthma. It was a so-so run. I started off strong, feeling like I was flying, I was air drumming to Green Day while running (I don't want to know what that looked like). Then the dreaded stitch in the side hit. I believe that stitch was the damn croissant I ate before going to the gym, being lodged into my side to remind me I should not have eaten it. I also a had a prostar crazy ass mother runner next to me, and if you know me that means I was trying hard to keep up. So this weekend I will be lacing up the running shoes and braving the weather, whether it be cold, warm, wet or EEEK GADS never know! I do look forward to the beautiful scenery and actually going somewhere. Plus, since I am out in the boonies the chances of 'running' into a badass mother runner are low...wink.

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