Monday, November 29, 2010

Strep Throat it is

I got home from the Dr's office a little while ago after a painful day of laying in bed. I do indeed have strep throat. I am hoping that by this time tomorrow night I will be feeling much better and hopefully with any luck back at the gym doing a light workout Wednesday. In the meantime, I am going to rest as best I can with 2 kids to take care of and try not to be stress about not working out. The old Katie would use this an excuse to hang in the towel. But the new Katie will get back on that spin bike and sweat :)

Sick and feeling anxious

I am sick. Tired of being sick.

Today my glands are swollen and sore and I can barely swallow. I am going to go see the Dr. today. Its been 2 weeks now of either being sick myself or having sick kids to take care of. We have gone through a stomach bug and barfs, and now colds, and not sure what this is Strep Throat??

I have not worked out since Friday, and I wasn't feeling well Friday so all I did was 20 min. The week before I missed days being sick.

I am feeling anxious about not working out. I am afraid of what it will feel like when I get back to the gym. How much 'fitness' will I have lost. Ryan and I have a 10km race at the end of Dec in the freaking snow.

I think what is saving me from gaining weight is that I feel so sick that I have no appetite and haven't been eating much (well compared to normal LOL). That alone says how sick I must feel. I never loose my appetite!

Here's to turning the corner soon....please.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride and Dress Maker's Suck

The last 4 days have been a roller coaster ride of emotion for me. I got sick Saturday afternoon and went downhill fast. I spent that night throwing up. Sunday I spent the majority of the day in bed, and even missed the Santa Claus Parade :( Monday I was feeling better but not 100%. It was I could handle to get the girls to and from school and tidy a bit. Tuesday I was back to normal, but Kasey was sick with a cold, and with my having been sick, and Kayleigh sick last week another day stuck inside was hard. All 3 of us were crawling the walls and I was very very short tempered. Ryan came home last night and I ran out the door to the gym. I did an hour pump class in a really hot room (the circulation was broken), although it felt good to work out again I felt weak. After the gym, I had a little showdown with Kayleigh at bed time that led me to yell and then later melt down in Ryan's arms. I went to bed last night feeling spent, physically and mentally. I slept all night long and so did the kids (that is very rare). This morning I woke up with a renewed energy and faith in my being patient with the kids. I took Kayleigh to the gym with me this morning and she didn't want to go. I explained why Mommy I had to (to be healthy and sane), and told her after I would do something of her choosing with her. She went APE SHIT when I tried to leave her. I knew that I had to break clean and get out the door. I told the ladies to get me in 10 min if she was still upset. I bee lined it to the treadmill. I didn't get water. I didn't even get my ipod out. For all I knew I had 10 min, and I really needed those 10 min. I got on, didn't warm up just started running, and running fast. At 10 min I paused and snuck back to the kids room and she was happily playing as if nothing ever happened. I got back on the treadmill with water and music and did speed intervals for 20 min. It was amazing. I felt so fast. I felt so good. I felt like I was sweating out all my frustrations, and negativity. This afternoon I went dress shopping with Kasey to find something for Ryan's gala. I tried on a size 14 dress for shits and giggles and holy BAT MAN it fit! It really fit! It wasn't even tight. But it also didn't look good on me LOL ! Go Figure. I did find THE DRESS though and I love it and I think it looks great on me and its a 1x. I tired some dresses on at Sears last week and I had to wear a size 20! HELLO PEOPLE WHO MAKE DRESSES...can you please standardize your sizes because you messing with our minds! So that being said I will take the size 14 dress that fit as a victory even though it looked like heck on me and go find some new dress shoes.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Its been one of those weeks. Kind of funny that I have had one of those weeks right after saying I was ready to bring on my A Game and take it to the next level.....I did say that right?

Kayleigh my 4 year old has been very sick this week and because of that going to the gym during the day has not been an option for us. This week has really brought 'home' how lucky I am to be able to work out at the gym during the day. Finding the energy and WANT to workout in the evening is a challenge for me. Hence, I have taken to days off this week already and I rarely take 2 days off and its only Friday. Today is another no gym day, but I am going to force myself to workout in my basement this morning. Level 3 shred plus 10 min of another DVD. Have to do what I have to do even if I don't like it.
The other challenge that has come about from not being at the gym each morning is the lack of endorphin rush. I am not sure if I have talked about this here but about a month ago I went OFF of Prozac! First time since high school that I have not been on prozac or paxil for anxiety. So let me tell you I have felt the lack of endorphins this week and have been climbing the walls a wee bit.
Climbing the walls indeed! Stuck in the living room almost all day with a sick child and trying not to eat every muffin and carb in sight to cope with the boredom was hard!

Yesterday night I decied to give myself a break, I will leave you with my Facebook status last night :)

"Drinking wine with dinner, going to HIDE the Jillian Shred DVD so she can't find me....maybe the freezer will take out velvet cheesecake to make room"

it was sooooo good :)

PS. Check this along.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Muffins and decisions...

I made muffins today. Somewhat healthy muffins but when you eat 3 I think they loose some of the healthy factor. I love muffins. I would go into the pits of hell for a muffin. Making them this morning seemed like a good idea, the kids had fun, and it cheered up a sick little Kasey. But now the muffins are calling me. I will have to put them away and not touch them anymore. One bite will lead to 4 whole muffins. I know myself. I am like a drug addict around these babies. So I will take my 3 and move on.

Which leads me to what's next for me. I have been working out for just over 5.5 months. I have gone from a Size 22 to being able to wear some of my size 16 clothes. I am close to my WW weight (I snuck on the scale at the gym the other day). I am doing really well in the fitness dept. I am pushing myself hard and getting stronger and fitter each step of the way. I really enjoy working out. Its not hard for me.
What is hard is the food. I have made many changes in regards to the food and yet I have not changed many things.
I still eat all the things I love, muffins, candy cane cheese cake, choc, mashed potatoes, pizza etc. I am having a high protein shake most mornings. I am choosing a healthy lunch most days. I have trouble snacking in the afternoon, mostly out of boredom, habit, or stress. For dinner I try to eat a proper portion of whatever I make. I am making dinner most of the time now, and eating out far less. I enjoy my treats in the evenings.
I could do better in the food dept. I could loose more weight by doing this.

So do I?

So far I have lost weight slowly and steadily. I have done quite well with the not getting trapped into the black and white DIEt thinking that in the past has done me so much harm.
I have been happy, I have enjoyed, I haven't been denied.


But I would like to break 20o pounds. Even if I weighed 199 pounds for the rest of my life, I would be very happy with that. I weigh about 223 pounds now. At this weight I dare say some days I feel skinny LOL. Yes an over 200 pound woman just said somedays she feels skinny! But I do. And I don't hate looking in the mirror anymore (well clothed that is naked is a whole other story). I enjoy buying new clothes.

So is the effort to break that 200 worth it? I have a shirt in my closet that I LOVE!!!! I bought it when I was WW years ago and never fit into it. I would love to wear that shirt!

I will not DIEt. Will not Can not!

But I am able to make more changes and do better.

I think its time. I think its time to bring my A Game :) Within reason of course because I am still going enjoy all my 'treats' especially Christmas treats but I don't think I need to enjoy them everyday.

So here we go :)

picture credit here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you checked out BRAVE GIRLS CLUB?

Image from Brave Girls Club.

Trust me when I say you need grab a coffee and find 20 min of ME time and read this!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Level 3 SHRED!

I am committed to working out, and on days like today when I can't get to the gym I have to pull out the dreaded Jillian 30 DAY SHRED.

Let me back track a bit. I bought the 30 Day Shred well over a year ago. Ryan and I made a go at doing it a few times a week and well you know how that turned out LOL (we stopped and ate more and got fatter). Back when we started the series we could barely get through the level one jumping jacks and 2 min cardio session. My legs honestly felt like they were going to do give out.

Here I am today after 5.5 months of working out at the gym (spinning, running, pumping) and I can do level 3! I even managed to do the advances options on many of the moves. I was making grunting noises like they do on the Biggest Looser (I love that show).

I enjoyed it. Best part it was only 20 min. I think I should add this to my routine at least once a week, if not twice.

Now I am eating some (like a big handful LOL) of candy cane Hershey Kisses, and may I say those wrappers are a PAIN IN THE ASS!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Race BIb Album

I made this album to document the 2 races Ryan and I ran in, The Army Run 5km, and the Rattle Me Bones 10km. On Dec 31st we will have two more bibs to add after the 10km Resolution Run. Who knows maybe next year we will have a pair of half marathon ones :) One can DREAM.

The cover is sticky back canvas on chipboard. I laid a piece of lace cut KI number paper on it and glimmer misted.

I hung the dog tags and medals we received off the side of the album.
The Army Run's Playlist in the library pocket.
I brushed a clear glimmer glaze over the bibs.
Our times on a tag.

Times on the tag, and a map of the course.

Rattle Me Bones Playlist.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 min what will you do today

I laced up my running shoes this morning and headed out into a cold frost covered morning. I expected the worse, having not run outdoors in a long while, and it being so cold. I was totally surprised to find myself having a great run, I felt strong and fit, and may I even dare say light on my feet. I ran in the beautiful outdoors here in Norland, I actually had the goosebumps as I took in the fall colors, and the light glistening on the lake. While I ran I thought of something that my spin instructor said yesterday. She said with each pedal stroke we were getting stronger, so while I ran I thought to myself I am getting stronger with each step.

Today I ran 5km for me. I ran 5km for my children, my husband, and my loved ones.

5.5 months ago I ran for the first time in 10 years. I ran for 10 min.

What will you do for yourself today with 10 min?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lacing up my running shoes

I am heading to my parents in Norland (cottage country) for the weekend, which means that to get my workout in I need to lace up my running shoes for an EEEK OUTDOOR RUN. I had my first run (5km) last night since running Rattle Me Bones 2 weeks ago (don't worry I have still been working out hard doing other stuff). It was an indoor run on the treadmill, with no wind or cold air to aggravate my asthma. It was a so-so run. I started off strong, feeling like I was flying, I was air drumming to Green Day while running (I don't want to know what that looked like). Then the dreaded stitch in the side hit. I believe that stitch was the damn croissant I ate before going to the gym, being lodged into my side to remind me I should not have eaten it. I also a had a prostar crazy ass mother runner next to me, and if you know me that means I was trying hard to keep up. So this weekend I will be lacing up the running shoes and braving the weather, whether it be cold, warm, wet or EEEK GADS never know! I do look forward to the beautiful scenery and actually going somewhere. Plus, since I am out in the boonies the chances of 'running' into a badass mother runner are low...wink.