Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shaking it baby

I have been shaking it up for 3 mornings now and wanted to share how its going. I bought this shake from Arbonne, in Vanilla.

First let me back track and tell you a little bit about my breakfast habits and what they lead to. What gets me out of my bed in the morning is the promise of coffee. I love my morning coffee and its rituals (like blog reading LOL). What goes really well with coffee in my book is CARBS. My favorite being muffins, cookies to dip in coffee ( I have been known to eat half a sleeve of arrowroots), English muffins, and croissants. Since beginning my health journey I have tried to stay clear of these choices but they do sneak in. Instead, I have been choosing healthier versions like toast and PB, or even a good healthy bowl of high fiber cereal and 1% milk. But even these healthier choices leave me feeling hungry by 10:00am (I should note I exercise most mornings), which leads to snacking (and not always the healthy snacks). For a time in the summer I was making my own shakes with almond milk, yogurt, frozen berries and banana. The shakes were really yummy and filled me up all morning. But I hated making them, getting the blender out, cleaning it etc. The WORK of the shake soon led to NO shake, and me being hungry by 10.

So you can see why I was curious about trying a shake in the morning. So Monday, Tuesday and Today I have had my Vanilla Shake. 2 scoops of powder and a cup of 1% milk (it calls for water but I figure go for the extra calcium, since I don't drink milk this is a good thing for me) into a mason jar, lid on, and shake. EASY PEASY! CHECK
Taste: yummmmmm tolerable...more tolerable today than Monday...almost tasted good today.
Satisfying? YES INDEED and that makes up for the not so AMAZING taste. I have had my shake and my coffee and headed out to the gym and I am FULL ALL MORNING.

The rest of the days have been so much better too. I don't know if its part of a 'mind' thing that is coinciding with the taking of the shake, or the shake itself. Whatever, it is its working for me. My lunch and dinner choices have been much healthier and mindful. My WEAK ZONE has been much better. I have a WEAK ZONE in the afternoon, where I tend to snack non stop. This week I have had a sensible snack and that's it. Part of this is due to another ARBONNE product I am trying....these chews(in choclate) I am eating one in between meals, they are chocolate lovers dream and slow eating as they are chewy. It helps me stay off the mindless snacking, and when I am truly hungry I have a sensible snack.

I also bought the detox tea, to drink once a month for 10 days. I love tea and this seemed like something good to add to my 'mix.'

Must say so far I am very happy with my new products. Who knows if they will translate into weight loss, but for me what is important is right now they are helping me feel better feel full, and make good choices. WOOT WOOT to that !

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