Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rattle Me Bones

Before the run man its early :)
On the way to the race Ryan needing more coffee
After the race high and goofy :)
Runners in love :)
So proud of my little medal.
and why we do it :) LOL

Ryan and I ran the Rattle Me Bones 10km race today. We ran it unofficially in 1 hour 9 min and 30-some seconds. My best time before being 1 hr 17 min. WE KICKED BUTT :) actually we slapped ass! lol We kept slapping each other in the butt to keep the pace and have fun while we ran.
We both felt great despite the light rain, and very cold wind. It was a fun race with lots of people dressed up in Halloween Gear. We ran at a good pace, one that was comfortable for us. We felt good the whole way. Even though we were faster over all than any other time we have run that far , it felt so much easier. When we ran 10km at my parents in Sept we struggled much of the way. I am not sure if it was the adrenaline from the race environment, my awesome new playlist of tunage, slapping Ryan on the butt, stealing looks at each other....or what. But it felt so good and was fun. At 9km, we gave each other the thumbs up, put our power songs on and kicked it! Personally I was determined to get ahead of the chicken man (he was running like a chicken!) and we did. I think I kicked into high gear to fast though because very soon I thought I was going to keel over and barf...but I kept on kicking it in my ear, and Ryan urging me on. 1 hr 9 min and 34secs aprox. I am SO PROUD OF THAT TIME you have no idea!
After ward, we went out for breakfast and rehashed the race, totally excited and happy. We both talked about how happy we were to have done it together, to be doing this together and changing our lifestyle as a family.
Today was an awesome day.


  1. gave me chills reading this.....

    to copy Laurie - confirmation word was "irans" i rans, how freakin' cool is that??!!

  2. So proud of both of you!!!! Great accomplishment for sure, loving the shirt and the medal! and pics are amazing.
    Both of you are really inspiring, When I told Stephane (when we were watching the news), he was really impressed!