Monday, October 4, 2010


Ahhh Monday :) In the past Monday was quite the day, the day that I put all my hope into, the day I dreamed of changing all my unhealthy behaviors magically at once and erasing my transgressions. When this Magic Monday rolled around, things never really changed. If I was lucky there was a half hearted attempt at change, but usually my hope was just transferred to the promise of the following week.

This Monday is not like that. This Monday is really just an ordinary day, a day like any other in the past 4 months or so. I plan on working out today. I think today I will run, for an hour. I am grocery shopping today, and have a menu plan. I have a lot of cleaning to do too, maybe today can be a magic Monday after all and the cleaning fairies will visit.

Monday, and yet today is a little different and special. Today is different from those past Mondays in that this past weekend I did indulge. I indulged in gourmet spa food and gourmet picnic food and it was good so good. Might I just say I think I discovered why they call the cheese we ate blue HAZE LOL :) stinky cheese :). I indulged and loved every exquisite bite. I also biked. The whole family, went into Gatineau to see the fall colors. Ryan and I took turns pulling the 90lb weight off the bike trailer (oh my gosh the hills were brutal). We exercised as a family had fun and ate lovely yummy food. So this Monday I have no guilt. I have not placed all my hope in a mythical day. I am living right now. Moving. Breathing. and Nourishing.

I feel very good today.

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