Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gym Stuff and What's Next

Its been a week since Rattle Me Bones and I have only run for 10 min. I haven't been slacking though. I have been having some fun mixing it up at the gym.

Monday: I did intervals on various cardio machines
Tuesday: Pump with Ryan and a really HOT GUY instructor, best pump yet go figure :)
Wednesday: Spin Class
Thursday Combat and 10 min run.
Friday: cardio machine rotation and 10 min of ROWING

A few insights from the gym this week:

1. STINK IS GOOD. Wednesday morning when I headed off to spin in the morning I didn't have time to shower first, and as gross as this is the truth is I had done PUMP the night before and come home and crashed without showering. So I really should have showered in the morning. I layered on the deodorant hoping that would work. Sure enough as we started spinning I noticed that my pits were stinking....eeeewwww...I was so embarressed. I kept my arms tucked in, in perfect form to keep the stink in. I also pedaled like a maniac somehow thinking the faster I went the sooner I would be done (didn't quite factor in the fact the bike is stationary LOL). So stink most definitely equaled great workout.
2. There is a reason I am good at Running and Spinning. That reason is that there is no coordination involved. I did Combat Thursday for the first time in months and it was a new release class with all new moves. Let's just say I am thankful I did a 10 min run first, which hopefully helped make up for all the time I stood there going "HUHHHHHHH." I am really proud of myself for sticking out the class and not running for the door.
3. I really enjoyed rowing. I did 10 min, which is 5 min more than when I tried it 4 months ago. It felt so good. I felt powerful and athletic doing it. I was able to bring myself right into my knees because my tummy isn't in the way like it used to be. I was totally channeling Silken Laumann!

This week was a good workout week. It was fun to change up the usual routine. Now that Rattle Me Bones is over and our next race isn't till Dec 31st I would like to ease off the running and spend more time Spinning, Rowing, Pumping (2x a week rather than once), and doing Athletic Drills Class. Dec 1st I will get back on the 10km training. I figure until then I will likely run once a week. I want to change things up for a number of reasons, including wanting a more INTENSE kind of workout. When I run its not intense, its endurance. Although, I have been wrangled into some track work next week (stay tuned for that).

Happy Halloween All :)

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