Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gym Stuff and What's Next

Its been a week since Rattle Me Bones and I have only run for 10 min. I haven't been slacking though. I have been having some fun mixing it up at the gym.

Monday: I did intervals on various cardio machines
Tuesday: Pump with Ryan and a really HOT GUY instructor, best pump yet go figure :)
Wednesday: Spin Class
Thursday Combat and 10 min run.
Friday: cardio machine rotation and 10 min of ROWING

A few insights from the gym this week:

1. STINK IS GOOD. Wednesday morning when I headed off to spin in the morning I didn't have time to shower first, and as gross as this is the truth is I had done PUMP the night before and come home and crashed without showering. So I really should have showered in the morning. I layered on the deodorant hoping that would work. Sure enough as we started spinning I noticed that my pits were stinking....eeeewwww...I was so embarressed. I kept my arms tucked in, in perfect form to keep the stink in. I also pedaled like a maniac somehow thinking the faster I went the sooner I would be done (didn't quite factor in the fact the bike is stationary LOL). So stink most definitely equaled great workout.
2. There is a reason I am good at Running and Spinning. That reason is that there is no coordination involved. I did Combat Thursday for the first time in months and it was a new release class with all new moves. Let's just say I am thankful I did a 10 min run first, which hopefully helped make up for all the time I stood there going "HUHHHHHHH." I am really proud of myself for sticking out the class and not running for the door.
3. I really enjoyed rowing. I did 10 min, which is 5 min more than when I tried it 4 months ago. It felt so good. I felt powerful and athletic doing it. I was able to bring myself right into my knees because my tummy isn't in the way like it used to be. I was totally channeling Silken Laumann!

This week was a good workout week. It was fun to change up the usual routine. Now that Rattle Me Bones is over and our next race isn't till Dec 31st I would like to ease off the running and spend more time Spinning, Rowing, Pumping (2x a week rather than once), and doing Athletic Drills Class. Dec 1st I will get back on the 10km training. I figure until then I will likely run once a week. I want to change things up for a number of reasons, including wanting a more INTENSE kind of workout. When I run its not intense, its endurance. Although, I have been wrangled into some track work next week (stay tuned for that).

Happy Halloween All :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rattle Me Bones

Before the run man its early :)
On the way to the race Ryan needing more coffee
After the race high and goofy :)
Runners in love :)
So proud of my little medal.
and why we do it :) LOL

Ryan and I ran the Rattle Me Bones 10km race today. We ran it unofficially in 1 hour 9 min and 30-some seconds. My best time before being 1 hr 17 min. WE KICKED BUTT :) actually we slapped ass! lol We kept slapping each other in the butt to keep the pace and have fun while we ran.
We both felt great despite the light rain, and very cold wind. It was a fun race with lots of people dressed up in Halloween Gear. We ran at a good pace, one that was comfortable for us. We felt good the whole way. Even though we were faster over all than any other time we have run that far , it felt so much easier. When we ran 10km at my parents in Sept we struggled much of the way. I am not sure if it was the adrenaline from the race environment, my awesome new playlist of tunage, slapping Ryan on the butt, stealing looks at each other....or what. But it felt so good and was fun. At 9km, we gave each other the thumbs up, put our power songs on and kicked it! Personally I was determined to get ahead of the chicken man (he was running like a chicken!) and we did. I think I kicked into high gear to fast though because very soon I thought I was going to keel over and barf...but I kept on kicking it in my ear, and Ryan urging me on. 1 hr 9 min and 34secs aprox. I am SO PROUD OF THAT TIME you have no idea!
After ward, we went out for breakfast and rehashed the race, totally excited and happy. We both talked about how happy we were to have done it together, to be doing this together and changing our lifestyle as a family.
Today was an awesome day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ryan and I picked up our Race Kits today for Sunday's 10km Rattle Me Bones Race. I have a swarm of butterflies in my tummy. I took the last two days off working out. I had taken Thursday off as my day off (I try to and usually do workout 6 days a week). However, Friday's workout was thrown for a curve with a sick 2 year old, and an emergency tooth extraction for the 4 year old. Friday was a very stressful day and I dealt with it by eating. I had McDonald's for lunch, Pizza and chocolate for dinner, and more chocolate in the evening while watching a movie. Oh and a chocolate espresso brownie from Starbucks too. I went to bed Friday night feeling gross and panicking about Sunday's race. In my mind I thought I had ruined all my training and work by not working out two days in a row and stuffing myself beyond full with food. Friday was an awful day. From start to finish. I tried to turn it around. At 4:00pm yesterday I decided to go into the basement and try to do level 2 of the SHRED DVD. I had the kids in the basement bugging me and wanting me to do stuff for them. I should have done level 1, level 2 had me doing jarring moves on my knees and they started to hurt a little. I stopped immediately thinking a 20 min workout was not worth an injury days before the race. I know it was the smart thing to do, but it left me a million times more frustrated and stressed than I had been before trying to workout. Friday was a classic case of eating to deal with stress and doing all the wrong things.

Today, I had planned to go do a spinning class in the morning while Kayleigh was at Tap. Only I had left all my stuff in the Van that Ryan took to tap. grrrrrrrr. Instead of flipping out I waited for Ryan to come home and we all went to the gym together. I ran 5km on the treadmill at an easy 4.7 mile pace at 1% incline to practice MY 10km pace. It felt good, and I felt much better about being able to do the 10km Sunday.

After the gym we went to get the race kits and our shirts. I love the shirts! They are yellow and long sleeved and it FITS! Much better than my Army Run shirt did.

I am excited for tomorrow now. I know I can do it. Slow and Steady. I am excited to be running it with Ryan.

Most of all I know that I can SLIP and SLIP big time and still be ok.

Letting go of this black and white thinking is hard, but its going to be what truly saves me in the end. Letting go of it will really allow me to be free and healthy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traded the gym for nature

I traded the gym this morning for nature :) The girls and I went to a local nature park this morning, in the forest and fed birds from our hands. It was cold and cloudy, but under the canopy of fall leaves we were surrounded by nature's beauty. It was simply amazing to have all of these 'wild' birds eating out of our hands. The mornings adventure simply made me happy. We didn't work up a sweat but it did do wonders for the health of our spirit.

PS. The Hot Chocolate afterwards also warmed our souls :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shaking it baby

I have been shaking it up for 3 mornings now and wanted to share how its going. I bought this shake from Arbonne, in Vanilla.

First let me back track and tell you a little bit about my breakfast habits and what they lead to. What gets me out of my bed in the morning is the promise of coffee. I love my morning coffee and its rituals (like blog reading LOL). What goes really well with coffee in my book is CARBS. My favorite being muffins, cookies to dip in coffee ( I have been known to eat half a sleeve of arrowroots), English muffins, and croissants. Since beginning my health journey I have tried to stay clear of these choices but they do sneak in. Instead, I have been choosing healthier versions like toast and PB, or even a good healthy bowl of high fiber cereal and 1% milk. But even these healthier choices leave me feeling hungry by 10:00am (I should note I exercise most mornings), which leads to snacking (and not always the healthy snacks). For a time in the summer I was making my own shakes with almond milk, yogurt, frozen berries and banana. The shakes were really yummy and filled me up all morning. But I hated making them, getting the blender out, cleaning it etc. The WORK of the shake soon led to NO shake, and me being hungry by 10.

So you can see why I was curious about trying a shake in the morning. So Monday, Tuesday and Today I have had my Vanilla Shake. 2 scoops of powder and a cup of 1% milk (it calls for water but I figure go for the extra calcium, since I don't drink milk this is a good thing for me) into a mason jar, lid on, and shake. EASY PEASY! CHECK
Taste: yummmmmm tolerable...more tolerable today than Monday...almost tasted good today.
Satisfying? YES INDEED and that makes up for the not so AMAZING taste. I have had my shake and my coffee and headed out to the gym and I am FULL ALL MORNING.

The rest of the days have been so much better too. I don't know if its part of a 'mind' thing that is coinciding with the taking of the shake, or the shake itself. Whatever, it is its working for me. My lunch and dinner choices have been much healthier and mindful. My WEAK ZONE has been much better. I have a WEAK ZONE in the afternoon, where I tend to snack non stop. This week I have had a sensible snack and that's it. Part of this is due to another ARBONNE product I am trying....these chews(in choclate) I am eating one in between meals, they are chocolate lovers dream and slow eating as they are chewy. It helps me stay off the mindless snacking, and when I am truly hungry I have a sensible snack.

I also bought the detox tea, to drink once a month for 10 days. I love tea and this seemed like something good to add to my 'mix.'

Must say so far I am very happy with my new products. Who knows if they will translate into weight loss, but for me what is important is right now they are helping me feel better feel full, and make good choices. WOOT WOOT to that !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little motivation

Did this didgi page today, to help remind me that I am on the right path, that changes are happening physically. I feel the changes in strength, and fitness, and in my mind and spirit. I just needed help 'seeing' the changes. Thanks for the idea Mell :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is the new me

Literally saw the sun rise this morning....this is the new me.

Up at 15 to 7 to run.
Out of bed, brushed teeth, inhaler, clothes, out the door.
Cold, wheezing lungs, creeky bones, wanting so badly to turn around and go back to bed.
Slow shuffle, mind battles.

Then the light changes.
The sun is rising.
Ray of light comes on my iPod.
My spirit rises too.

This is the new me.

Thank-you God.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Turkey Run

Ryan and I did our first 10km together yesterday morning :) On the country highway, in Norland, oh the hills were tough :) I am feeling those hills today, oh yes I am. It was a great run, we went slow (likely a little slow for Ryan) and were able to run the whole 10km. Its a hilly road, and we had to run on gravel most of the way which is a very different running surface, add in the cold air which makes me wheeze and we still had a good run. Far from easy but good.

Many points during our run I would think of how cool it was that we were doing this together. I can't tell you how happy that made me. Then there are the Autumn colors in full splendor and the view of the lake. We are in cottage country here and it is beautiful. Running here is so much better than running on a treadmill staring at the display, no matter how hilly it is.

So today is turkey day, and I indulged quite a bit already this weekend. I am feeling the need to go for a run today, but my body is sore and creeky. Maybe a slow easy short run, and taking it easy on the Turkey Dinner is in order. I really did use up my indulgence card already (OOOPS). Despite my indulgence, my mind is in a good place. I enjoyed the food yesterday and even more I enjoyed the company it was eaten in. I had an awesome day with my family yesterday.

Happy Turkey Day :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just got back from the Dr's :) And she gave me a A+++++! for real :) LOL Seriously she wrote that in my file and I told her I was going to blog about it. This is another one of those non weight/scale related successes. I had an awesome report, great blood pressure, eye sight, hearing, reflexes, boobs, down there region, fitness, nutrition the whole kit and caboodle :) So good to here someone tell me that I am doing well and better than well. She was really happy to hear how the whole family is being healthy.

PS. I put THE JEANS (size 16) on again and they are fitting even better, still not quite comfortable enough to wear but getting there.


Hoping for an A+

I have my annual physical today, with my very favorite family Dr and I am hoping for an A+. I want to please her and have her be proud of me, kind of like a kid LOL. I can't wait to tell her how I have been running and working out and all the changes I have made.
Wish me luck :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Ahhh Monday :) In the past Monday was quite the day, the day that I put all my hope into, the day I dreamed of changing all my unhealthy behaviors magically at once and erasing my transgressions. When this Magic Monday rolled around, things never really changed. If I was lucky there was a half hearted attempt at change, but usually my hope was just transferred to the promise of the following week.

This Monday is not like that. This Monday is really just an ordinary day, a day like any other in the past 4 months or so. I plan on working out today. I think today I will run, for an hour. I am grocery shopping today, and have a menu plan. I have a lot of cleaning to do too, maybe today can be a magic Monday after all and the cleaning fairies will visit.

Monday, and yet today is a little different and special. Today is different from those past Mondays in that this past weekend I did indulge. I indulged in gourmet spa food and gourmet picnic food and it was good so good. Might I just say I think I discovered why they call the cheese we ate blue HAZE LOL :) stinky cheese :). I indulged and loved every exquisite bite. I also biked. The whole family, went into Gatineau to see the fall colors. Ryan and I took turns pulling the 90lb weight off the bike trailer (oh my gosh the hills were brutal). We exercised as a family had fun and ate lovely yummy food. So this Monday I have no guilt. I have not placed all my hope in a mythical day. I am living right now. Moving. Breathing. and Nourishing.

I feel very good today.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Running this week....trying to get ready for the Rattle Me Bones 10km in a few weeks. Did 8km nice and easy today. I think I will be ok for the race as long as I go slow :) My Pace My Race...that's my mantra.

Feeling good, feeling strong, and you know what kind of beautiful today too.