Friday, September 24, 2010


Sweet 16

Years ago when I lost weight on WW I got down to a size 16 and it felt so good. It was a great size for me. I didn't stay there long and quickly started heading back up. Having thrown my scale away I have been measuring my success with other things, one of which is pulling my size 16 jeans out and trying to squeeze into them. 2 weeks ago I managed to get them on but I had to lay down on the bed to flatten out my pouch and pull hard to get that zipper up. Once in it was a crazy show to see watching me get up off the bed and standing.

I tried the jeans on again yesterday and was able to get them on with just a HUGGGHFFF of a pull, while STANDING UP. They FIT! Well let me clarify they fit tight :) wink. But they are on and I am standing up and I could bend over (um not comfortably).

From a size 22 to a tight 16 in four months or so :) LOL

Yesterday's fashion show was a huge motivation for me to keep on running literally :)

Maybe soon I can post a pic of myself in my fav jeans :)

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