Thursday, September 23, 2010

Step up Challenge :) DONE

Finally made it to a step class yesterday to complete my little challenge. When I started working out about 4 months ago I took a step class and it KILLED ME. I was huffing and puffing and close to puking. In my youth I flew over that step like some kind of aerobic fairy. So after 4 months of trianing spinning, running and pumping I thought it would be fun to try another step class.

When I did my first class I used one riser, but after seeing The Biggest Looser Premier where the contestants did 500 steps on 2 risers I thought I had better up the anty. So i did the class on 2 risers just like when I was the aerobic fairy :)

So how did I do? FREAKING AWESOME! I felt great, I did the advanced moves, the jumps and leaps, and the running steps. I still got lost in some of the choreography but that was because of my lack of coordination. This time when I was lost with no idea what to do I just made my own moves that challenged me till we moved on to something less dance like. It was still a killer workout, and I sweated more than I have in any other class!

People who do STEP are fit man!!!

So I went home had a glass of wine which led to 3 and OOOPS I was in bed at 8:00:) LOL

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