Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Oh my poor feet. They feel broken. All night they hurt when I wiggled my toes or stretched my foot. When I got up this morning and put weight on them, OUCH. I ran 6km yesterday and then did a pump class. Its not like my workout was out of the norm. Maybe its just all the workouts added up that made them hurt. I am really hoping that a day of rest will set them right. Its not major pain, just a bit ouchy.
So needless to say I won't be doing step today and will save that challenge for later in the week.
I do have some fun news though, I cheated yesterday and got on the scale at the gym. I couldn't help it. Well the news was good. 30 pounds lost. 30 pounds in just under 4 months of working out 5-6 days a week. I have dropped 2 sizes in clothes. I would do the happy dance but my feet hurt.


  1. First off .. I am SO PROUD of you! You have lost this weight beyond healthy! I think working out and healthy eating goes hand in hand .. if you start one .. the other usually follows! 2 Dress sizes .... AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!

    Second (still your forever medic). Be careful of your feet for something called planter fasciitis. Here is link!

    One of the most common things we saw amongst our soldiers as they were constantly working out, marching and out and about! You need to let the fascia (fibrous bands of tissue that are the base of your feet) to heal between workouts. Pain is a sign that they haven't. Be sure to stretch your feet before getting right out of bed in the morning to gently stretch the bands, as opposed to waking up and jumping right on your feet, and ripping them!

    I hope this make sense .. call if it doesn't! You don't want this to carry on .. because it'll prevent you from carrying on .. and with the way you are going .. you'd not be all that happy if it had to be "put off" for a while! LOL WINK!


  2. HOLY COW GIRL...congrats!!! that is AMAZING. you look FABU and you've made such incredible changes...KEEP IT UP mrs. wonderful!!!