Friday, September 10, 2010


I realize this blog is starting to sound a little too lollipops and rainbows. Time to show you the underbelly of this beast, that rainbow days still have struggles. Yesterday, was not a great day. My allergies were AWFUL. I was a sneezing machine. I still managed to drag my (sneeze, cross your legs or you will piss yourself) self to the gym. I ran 5km on the treadmill and had my best time yet of 36 min and 4sec. 5 sec short of meeting my under 36min goal. I think I may have done it if I hadn't had to blow my nose so much, mind you I think the 2 extra strength allergy pills may have given me a little extra speed. I spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch in an allergy stupor. We left the house once, for Kay's kindergarten interview and on the way home I had the worst craving for timbits. So I got some. Did I get the small box of 10.....NO...I got 20. I ate 10 and 'saved' the rest for Ryan. I mean might as well drag him under with me, only he never did eat them. Yes, I polished the rest off while watching TV that night. I felt pretty gross after wards. I started to berate myself, and start the usual negative drill in my head. I was in full danger of heading back into the black and white zone. The zone of good or bad, no in between. The zone where one false move renders you worthless and unworthy of health. Luckily, I only made a pit stop and then squealed my wheels out of there. I am worthy. I ran 5km in 36 min and 4sec. I am going to be ok. 20 timbits are not going to undo me unless I let them.
I CHOSE not to let them undo me :)
Katie-1 Timbits-0


  1. you are true did good Katie.. you did good...

  2. Best line: "20 timbits are not going to undo me unless I let them."

    If I tried to do 5km, I would probably die trying. You're doing a kick-ass job and you're absolutely right - the timbits (or anything like them) will not undo you.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Good for you for running when you had allergies. I let that excuse not exercise whatsoever REALLY easily.
    And you're so right - you have control. Glad you won over the timbits :)

  4. Run through the crappy days Katie! Trust me -that's how you overcome the big obstacles...You tell those timbits! Kepp up the good work!

  5. LOVE THIS! LOVE YOU! Please scrap ... KATIE - 1 TIMBITS - 0

    Proud, proud, proud of you .. and remember you have been so successful because it's not black and white .... you are living and enjoying! REMEMBER THAT! :)