Sunday, September 19, 2010

Army run: We did it

Ryan and I ran our first race together today. The Ottawa Army Run, 5km. We ran with our dear freind Yvonne.

First of all I have to give a huge thank-you to Yvonne. She suggested running the race with her just shortly after I had joined the gym, and I have to say that registering for this run is really what took me to the step in fitness. I went from going to the gym for a workout to going to the gym in pursuit of becoming something more, a runner, an athlete (Yes I dare dream!), a healthy person.

It was so cool being part of this experience today, from the cool shirt (that although very tight did fit, and certainly would not of 4 months ago), the cannon shot to start the race, and the dog tags earned at the end. While running I saw the names and faces of soldiers on people's backs and got the goosebumps, reminded then of what this was really about.

I ran with my husband and that was beyond cool, to share this together. So me being me (and those of you that know me will laugh) I said to Ryan just before the CANNON blast: "Hey if I am feeling good do you mind if I go ahead (we had planned on staying together)." He says sure and throws in the "then you won't mind if I go ahead either." So the race starts and we get separated. I am feeling good really good and going faster than I would normally. About half way in I think to myself "I am blowing him out of the water!" Well then I CATCH up to him, and I can't keep up. The frigger beat me!
It was my best race yet for the 5km, near the end I was dying and I actually threw my $15 fancy water bottle away because it felt like 20 pounds. To make up for the waste, I threw it to the side of the road with dramatic flair and took off.
My ipod says I finished at 34min and 28 seconds, and I am so curious to see what my real time is. Regardless, it was MY BEST run, and it was awesome!
After wards, we had breakfast with Yvonne and her hubby and enjoyed a guilt free happy fatty meal :)

One happy girl today :)



    I'M BEYOND PROUD my friend, beyond proud!!!

    This is only the first of many i'm sure!!!

  2. I see a race addiction in your future ... and what an addiction that'll be! :)



  3. Ooooooh, I am soooooo happy for you! Congratulations to you and Ryan! :)

    And I have to tell you, just reading your posts on fb about this race *almost* had me at the registration desk on Saturday so I could sign up last minute. But I knew that running a race would force me to go faster than my body is ready to go, putting myself at risk of re-injury of my achilles tendons. So I hit the courts hard all weekend instead, thinking of what a fabulous race you were going to have. I'm so happy it went well. :)

    Maybe I'll see you at Rattle Me Bones or some other late-fall race. <3

  4. Wow Katie!! Good for you!! I was there husband ran it. I was looking for you but the place was like Disney!