Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aginst the odds

Yesterday I made it to PUMP class against the odds. The day started off with Kasey under the weather. At first that was ok, she was very cute and cuddly. But cute and cuddly attached to you all day quickly makes for a very whiny other child and boredom. I ate all day long. My mouth was the express lane highway for carbs. I was supposed to do PUMP with Ryan at 6:30 but we couldn't both go with Kasey not feeling well. So Ryan went and the plan was I would do the 8:30pm class at the women's gym. 8:30 pm! Now that's practically my bedtime. I was tired, grumpy, carb ridden, and not feeling up to it.
But somehow some way I made it. I had fun too. I had a new to me instructor that was fun. I came home feeling oh so much better about myself.

Bonus...I added wight to all my tracks.

Lesson learned: Even when the day gets derailed, even when you have eaten to much...there is still hope of turning it all Laurie told me..DON"T WAIT TILL MONDAY!!!

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